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What Is Your Alternative or Secondary Job?

There was once a myth of working hard for a company and retiring. There is also a myth that people will be able to live off of their 401K Plan and Social Security when they finally retire from hard work. This myth is starting to crack and fold under pressure and many people are seeing that what they are doing for a career is no longer going to work. They aren’t receiving the gratification that they deserve. They aren’t happy and we all know that Social Security will be obsolete when they are at the traditional retirement age. What can we do about our economy? What can we do about our gas prices? What can we do about the future of our universe? There are a list of things that we can do to help the overall problems, but there are greater things that we can not change. So, let’s focus on our situation and think about what we should be doing to help ourselves.

Career Testing Program – Identify the Right Career

Most of the people who are successful in their careers are the those who enjoy their work. And a job is enjoyable when it compliments one’s natural talents and strengths. Thus if you are a high school student and confused as to what future direction to head in, then go for career counseling with a solid career testing program — helping you out with the right direction for college and a successful career ahead.

Create an In-Demand Product Called “You”

Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by brand images. But what is “personal branding” and is it really as important as people seem to think it is? Yes! Especially now, when competition for jobs has intensified so dramatically.

Continue Working Towards Career Development for a Better Career Growth

The factor that can make a huge difference in your career development is adding new skills regularly. For instance, if you are a programmer, learn a new language and if you are a writer, start writing on new topics.

A Quick Look At The Benefits And Shortfalls Of A Career Website

In the current business environment, the recruitment procedures carried out by many organizations and companies when seeking new staff have become more dynamic and continue to remain so due to a number of reasons. Due to this factor, it has also become imperative for any job seekers to understand the changes and act accordingly in order to remain relevant. It is at this that a career website may be very helpful.

Evening Courses: A Boon for Working Students

Some of us are lucky and fortunate enough to choose the right career at an early age and luckier to have the resources to study or receive training to be successful in that. A good financial backing goes a long way in making your career path easy because if you do not have to think about money you can comfortably do what is best for you. However, a vast majority of us do not have this freedom and are left with no choice but to take up any job to meet their needs.

Jobs That Make 100k a Year

In this article we will discuss what jobs that make 100k a year there are. Also what it takes to earn that money with each career.

Why Taking a Pay Cut to Find Your Dream Job Might Be a Good Idea

Do you know anyone working their dream job right now? How many people do you know that are working a job they hate just to pay the bills, all the while holding out hope that their dream job will plop right down in their laps? All they are waiting for is the right time, right?

What Idiot Would Choose A Career In Medical Practice Today?

It’s incredible that any student would choose a career in medical practice when the drawbacks are almost insurmountable. The simple fact that the majority of medical doctors now struggle to stay in the middle class ranks relative to professional income is just the tip of the iceberg. The struggle of paying back their overwhelming educational debts, increasing fee restrictions, ongoing malpractice litigation without caps, income much less than any successful person in any other business, increased work loads of patients just to financially survive, predominant frustration throughout the profession, sacrifices required to continue medical practice – should make any potential medical school candidate take a second look at what they will be facing in the future. There are so many opportunities available in most other businesses that take less education, less money spent for education, requirements for survival much less, and emotionally less traumatic than medical practice. Is the honor of being a physician worth the sacrifices?

Answers to Common Questions About Electrical Apprenticeship

If you’re considering a career as an electrician an apprenticeship is often the first step. This article offers answers to some common questions about what an electrical apprentice can expect.

ITIL v3 – Nothing But The Facts

ITIL v3 is the newest version offered by ITIL. This version is an improvement over the previous version as it offers a greater emphasis on the services process rather than getting bogged down on specific activities. It is believed to be a more holistic approach and has been in operation since 2007.

How to Earn an ISTQB Software Testing Certification

If you want to enhance your software testing career or if you want to simply become a more effective and efficient software tester, you should consider earning one or more ISTQB certifications. Not only do these certifications teach you the nuts and bolts of software testing methods and techniques, but they can truly help you stand out from the crowd when you are looking for a new job.

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