How Much Does April and Davey Make On YouTube

What You Wear to Work Can Affect Your Bottom Line (For Better or For Worse)

Imagine you’re stranded on a desert island. How do you survive? You’ll need tools, or a whole lot of luck. You need tools when you’re trying to survive in business, too.

Make Money and Save the World

MK Marsden, a local entrepreneur, wants young people to understand the importance of business. She is often alarmed when she goes into classrooms.

Fired by Fear

We all encounter fear at some point in our professional and personal lives. What do we do with our fear? What does our fear do to us? These are choices we can make. Fear doesn’t have to paralyze us, instead, it can be expected and utilized to motivate and move us toward what we want. Courage is an element that’s underestimated in professional ventures. Being willing to brave the unknown, the unfamiliar and the unfathomable… marks the beginning of becoming all you can be. This article looks at fear through a different lens.

Are You Ready for a Career Climb?

The potential of a bigger salary and better career privileges can be tempting, and may prompt you to say “Yes” at once, when the opportunity for promotion is offered to you. But before you take on the responsibility and celebrate this new success, it is important to check if you are ready for the new role you will take. Here are some questions to help you reflect on your readiness before pursuing on a new career role.

How to Be Happy at Work

People who constantly feel unhappy at work often look for the exit door and seek greener pastures. Sure, job happiness and satisfaction must go together but jumping from one job to another is one of the biggest mistakes many workers do. Below are some tips for staying happy at work:

Sure-Fire Tips to Move Up the Corporate Ladder

Who wouldn’t want an easy way up when it comes to career success? The truth of the matter, however, is that there are no shortcuts to achieving a successful career. While there are a few lucky individuals who moved up the corporate ladder seemingly without much sweat, the fact remains that to move up requires the right attitude, skills, knowledge and experience.

Why Investing in Your Career Development Is a Wise Move

These days, not investing on your professional development is like travelling to a foreign land without a map. Things may be good for a little while, but at some point you’ll realise that something is not working your way. You must avoid making deadly career mistakes by investing your time and effort in improving your career management skills so you can take on any career situation no matter how difficult it may be.

Discover Your Career Bliss

Do you love your job? Good for you! Sad to say, many workers of today don’t.

Is It Worth It? The Monetary and Social Opportunity Cost of Obtaining an MBA

About a year ago there came a point in my career when I had to ask myself, how can I help secure job advancement and a stable financial future in today’s economy? Pursuing my MBA came across as an obvious choice, but evaluating the way I spent my free time and the monetary investment was really the deciding factor in my decision.

The Locksmith Trade – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Are you thinking about becoming a locksmith? Many people ask me about my profession when I arrive at a job site. The idea of working with the public, working with hand tools, making a quick buck on lock-out calls, and of course the power and ability to unlock doors, cars and safes is quite intoxicating for some people.

Don’t Fade Into the Cubicle (AKA Woodwork)

Nobody wants to be unnoticed and overworked. Knowing how get recognized for your contributions and accomplishments requires a conscious strategy. In this economy everyone needs to know how to tactfully toot their own horn.

Top Questions That a Jobseeker Should Ask at the Interview

Towards the end of most interviews, the interviewer will generally ask the interviewee if they have any questions that they would like to ask. The tables in a sense are turned. At this point, you know the end is in sight, and it can be easy to dismiss this with a quick, “No, none, thank you”, so eager are you to hurry things along so that you can finally exit the room. However, no matter how well you may have performed during the main part of the interview itself, if you fail to ask any questions here, you will really be doing yourself a great disservice. As well as of course preparing answers for the questions you are likely to be asked, your interview preparation should also include making a list of questions that you yourself can ask the interviewer. In a bid to help you create that list, we have collated here our own…

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