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Passion Into Profit

What if focusing on your passions could create more prosperity than you have now? Many people fear that changing careers or retooling their business will set them back financially. This fear often stops them before they even test the feasibility of their ideas. Changing careers or having your business change direction can cost you time and money in the short run, but that investment has potential to give you substantial returns. Investing now might just give you more prosperity and happiness over time.

Going Green While Job Searching

More and more people are realizing the impact carbon footprints have on our planet. Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases every one emits into the air. In whatever we do or buy, whatever event we join, this will have an impact on our environment.

CNA Training Programs – Finding the Right One for You

Finding the right training program can sometimes be a headache. Whether it is a small weekly course or a full time yearly course as far the health industry goes, hands on experience play a very important role.

Is It a Good Idea to Create an Income Beyond Your Salary?

Have you ever wondered if you should take the plunge and create a secondary source of income? You’re satisfied with your job and the income and benefits it provides but somehow the large unemployment figures weigh on your mind. Could you find the time to build a small business after hours? You can. Take a look how.

Interview Tips for Healthcare IT Jobs

The job market is hotly competitive right now, and Healthcare IT jobs aren’t any exception. It’s no longer enough to simply have all the technical skills required to fulfill the duties of the job; project management skills and harmonious team work are also considered mandatory areas of expertise. Hiring managers want to make sure you will be exactly right for their specific company, and it’s up to you to convince them during the interview process that you are the perfect long-term fit, and will add overall value to the business.

Finding Investigation Clients

Finding investigation clients is perhaps one of the most difficult ongoing tasks for any professional detective to accomplish. Unlike many other facets of building a successful detective agency, client acquisition is not based on experience or talents in the investigation arena. Instead, in order to succeed long term, detectives need to apply basic business principles to their companies, which is where they may come up on the short end of the proverbial stick.

CNA Training – How to Get Training For CNA Careers – Read More About It

The health care industry is one of the most flourishing industries. Without a shadow of a doubt, there are always vacancies and jobs readily available.

How To Find A Job That Pays Commission

A lot of people would love a job where they have unlimited earning potential because of tips and commissions. If you are ready to work hard and benefit from being a great sales person, consider a few of these for your career.

Escape the Rut

Are you in rut? Are you thinking of find new work? Are you concerned that you may lose your job? To coin a cliche, “in these uncertain times…,” nothing is secure. With our economy limping along, if at all, and the job market devastated, anxiety would not be too strong a word to describe how some are feeling right now.

How To Use Authority Effectively

How effectively do you use your authority? Key questions: Do people look to you for orders? Are your orders carried out as intended?

Top Three Ways to Be Liked By Management and Still Have Friends at Work

Let’s face it. Getting along with your manager can make or break your career. But you don’t want to be the milquetoast that kisses up to the boss and loses all your friends at work. And, in the long run, if you truly want to advance your career you have to get along with your colleagues at every level. What can you do?

Have You Made a Commitment to Your Success? Really?

There are many memorable moments in our lives. To a parent, it is their child’s first steps, first tooth, or many other moments of our child’s growth. In our business life it is when we make a total commitment to our goals and to the business that we are pursuing.

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