How Much Does Armchair Detective Make On YouTube

Explore Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Careers During National Police Week

If you’re looking to start a law enforcement career, there are many different options within the industry. Learn about police officer, sheriff, FBI agent and other criminal justice careers.

Keep the Job You Hate – Top 10 Reasons WHY

You know you hate your job when Monday morning rolls around and the thought of jumping off a building seems more enticing than going to the office. In fact just the thought of going to work on Monday morning causes your jaw to tighten and the acid reflux to erupt.

Software Quality Assurance Tester

A software quality assurance tester position may be available with any information technology firm or an IT department of any company. Software quality tester jobs may be available with employers in any city but for more options or quick growth, applicants might have to be open to relocation to larger cities.

Opportunities of Software Quality Assurance Jobs

Software quality assurance and testing is an industry involved with making sure that software programs and applications are in great, working order before entering the marketplace for sale to consumers. As such, software quality assurance plays a vital role in the product development stage for software producers and makers.

Hot 8 Job Hunting Guidelines

Job search should not be taken lightly as there are many trained and experienced people out in the market looking for suitable jobs. Instead of sitting back and waiting for the right job to fall in your lap, it is suggested that you should brace up yourself and put in as much energy as possible.

Career Verses Calling – Resourceful Indicators

For the most part many of us have been pursuing a career path out of necessity, rather than following one that closely matches our skills and abilities (usually referred to as our calling or vocation). Many individuals think that if they follow a presumed career path for a number of years, that that, in itself is considered to be their career profession.

Software Engineering Jobs – IT Sector

Today the IT sector has grown up into a giant industry. A decade ago it was just a sparkle and today it has spread its light everywhere.

Secrets to Selling Your Skills to an Employer As a New Mum Returning to Work

Now that your family is settled with having your new addition at home, you decided it’s time to go back to the corporate world. Finding a new employer and selling your skills can be a daunting task but one thing is sure – it is something achievable.

How to Be Successful in Medical Coding and Billing Industry – 3 Top Tips You Must Know

Medical billing and coding are essential elements of medical facility operations. The medical officers are allowed to bill accordingly for the services completed by the doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical staff. Nowadays, this particular field can be considered a booming industry and it offers many great opportunities for people. In order to achieve great success in this line, you are required to be exposed to many areas. Here is some important information you must know:

Executive Recruitment

As a college student in the late 1990s, professors, parents, and even summertime employers were encouraging me and my peers to prepare for the global economy. “The world is changing,” they warned, to which I thought, “Hasn’t the economy always been global?” International business is nothing new.

Staying Optimistic in Tough Times

The financial forecasts say we are bouncing back from the 2009 economic downturn. Although there are countless people out of work, looking for a change, or worried about their own security I see one common denominator that is going to make a great economy and that is OPTIMISM. Optimism is a state of mind, and it’s a personal choice. Are you dragging your heels toward your success, or are you rolling full speed ahead? Read on to find out.

10 Things I’ve Learned About Becoming a Super Stripper

While there are WONDERFUL resources online, it is still ultimately up to YOU to learn and apply your knowledge. There is no test – no real certification – that says “pass” or “fail”. We determine our own success…. and we determine our own failure. Fear of failure AND fear of success can be the biggest obstacles in this business.

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