How Much Does ASMR Darling Make on YouTube

Retrain For a Job Working With Kids

Are you looking for a job working with kids? You may want to consider a social work job in the Children’s Services sector.

Exciting New Online Jobs Part Time Workers Should Be Interested In

Young people, college students, school children during vacation, fill in to supply a vital source of cheap labor this country could not do without – these are the jobs part-time workers take up for very little pay. Part-time workers flipping burgers, delivering stuff, cleaning stuff, are usually so insecure about the way their jobs could be taken away and the low pay they make, that they seldom realize how essential they are to the health of the economy. In an economy in the troubled state such as the one we have, there are often experienced workers who are forced to…

Are Part Time Jobs Better Than Full Time Ones?

Do you think that if you had two jobs, both for a part of a full workday, that you would be far better off than if you had just one full-time job? Now you can answer this question with incredulity that anyone could manage find two regular part-time jobs in this economy that paid well. Or you could dismiss this question as unrealistic for the fact that it seems to assume that there is enough time in anyone’s day for two jobs.

Resume Preparation for More Punch and Immediacy

To most first-time job seekers, finding an effective way to present themselves through their resumes can be an experience filled with uncertainty and trepidation. What kind of resume preparation are they supposed to put in to end up with something that looks professional and does the job well? How are they supposed to make everything look attractive in the right way?

Jobs Over 100K

In today’s economy it is a real challenge to find jobs over 100K that you can actually interview for. Find out my method for significantly increasing your chances of talking to a hiring manager.

Doing All You Need to to Win in Your Retail Job Search

If dealing with people is where your heart lies, chances are, you would be great in a job in the retail sector. How do you go about the retail job search though? Certainly, you could go around looking for signs stuck on plate glass windows with a call out for anyone talented in sales.

Interviewing for Retail Management Jobs – Putting in the Right Kind of Preparation

If you are planning to apply for a job as the manager of a retail store, you really are in a tough round of selections before you get the job that you dream of. Of course, you’re quite anxious about doing well in the face all the competition you are likely to be faced with. But there is plenty you can do to help your chances – such as say, to prepare for the interview.

A Resume Guide to the Hiring Manager’s Mind

Have you ever sworn to yourself that there’s something deeply mysterious about the whole job hiring process that companies follow? You could have the perfect set of skills for the perfect job, and you can still never get even called for an interview. How does all of this happen?

Rethinking the Resume Objective

A truly serious resume warrior easily has all the bases covered – there are keywords strategically placed all over to work well with a resume search engine, the resume is specifically aimed at the hiring manager at the company and at the specific job the resume is for, the grammar and spelling are impeccable, and the resume would be one mean job machine if only one could think of something to say that sounded appropriate under the whole Resume Objective header.

Using Social Network Sites As the Main Drivers in Your Job Search

When the Internet first became a way to communicate by that people began to be comfortable with, for job seekers to post their resumes online on CareerBuilder or Monster seemed like a terribly sophisticated thing to do. All you needed to do was to upload your resume, and any recruiter or business that was in the market for an employee could just look them up and call them in to an interview. It worked like a charm.

Perhaps You Should Consider Writing a Resume for a Different Kind of Job

When you lose a job, what is the first thing you do? If you are like most people, you’ve tried to focus on landing your next job, and your first stop is usually at your computer to try either writing a resume all over again or updating one you already have. Perhaps writing a resume or updating one is just comforting activity at this stage and not something that will really help you.

Executive Challenge 3

If you’re like most executives, it’s hard to find the time to sit down and contemplate where your career is going. It takes time and effort to focus on your future, and it’s easier just to live from one moment to the next. But, if you don’t make the time to determine your future, who will?

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