How Much Does Athlean X Make on YouTube

Three Keys To Upscale Your Communication Power to Advance Your Career

A concise solution to upscaling your communication skills so you are not overlooked for the next promotion. If you need to break through the glass ceiling invest in these three key communication motivators.

What To Do When You Have Multiple Business Ideas

When you have notebooks full of business ideas it can be difficult to choose the best of the lot. This article provides key questions to ask yourself so you choose the business plan with most profit potential.

Nursing Profession – A Complete Guide

Many in the US are opting to change careers to nursing and it has become one of the top degree programs at colleges and universities nationwide. Here’s a quick guide on what the nursing profession entails.

You Must Commit To Go All The Way – Against the Odds At Whatever The Cost

During Super Bowl 47, Jacoby Jones of the Baltimore Ravens ran 108 yards for a touch-down on a kick-return, this tied the NFL record, and it had never been done before in a Super Bowl. Jones’ return provides a nice analogy for life in a way. He started out fast, got knocked around a little bit, and then refused to quite or even slow down, he then accelerated for the touch-down. Amazing agility, speed, and heck, he should have been an Olympic sprinter in my view.

Ask for the Support You Need

This is the story of Karen, to remind us that engaging our support system will give renewed energy and enthusiasm as we pursue our dreams. When we turn to the people who know us, whom we trust, then we set ourselves up for bigger success, and we are much happier on our own journeys.

Tips for Building Your Sales Skills

Increase sales, create client loyalty and develop rapport. Discover the power of DISC for sales. This article explores the strengths and struggles faced by sales professionals who exhibit the Slower-Paced/People-Oriented behavior style. (Sometimes referred to as the High S behavior style).

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Cover Letter

Avoid being overly specific about salary requirements. Being too specific about salary requirements in a cover letter may act against you, but not specifying a salary range may lead to difficult negotiations later on in the application process.

What Does a Marketing Assistant Do?

Essentially, a marketing assistant does just that – assist. You’ll be supporting a marketing professional in all the nitty gritty details of running a marketing campaign. The assistant will be expected to operate at all levels of the marketing machine, doing everything from communicating with clients to drafting press releases and arranging promotional events.

Why Performance Reviews Are Important for Your Career Growth

One of the most important activities for employees is to provide their yearly input into their own performance reviews. This could be a task that many people could dread depending on how complex the appraisal process is for their company. Despite the complexities of the appraisal process, the performance is very important for your career growth.

Are You Looking at Your Job in the Right Light?

So, why do we continue to downplay being employed? Because we don’t view our jobs in the right light. When you have an entrepreneurial perspective with a job, you free yourself up from being trapped by these misguided ideas about what a “job” really is.

Professionalism in the Workplace: Use It, Don’t Lose It

It may seem like a no brainer, but, professionalism in the workplace is often overlooked and you may have found yourself in a setting where you noticed co-workers behaving in a manner you found relative to your 5-year-old child. It’s easy to become comfortable and, with comfort, people sometimes find complacency. Carrying a professional attitude and image will not only help earn the respect of your peers, and leaders, but it is also necessary for career advancement.

What Are Good Business Ideas?

How to get clear on starting a business and what the fundamental action steps would be to take next. Also, discovering your passion and unique purpose and turning that into an offer.

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