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Hairdressing Apprenticeships and Jobs – Get a Foundation Degree in Hair Design

If you are entering the world of hairdressing then you will soon become familiar with the term Foundation degrees. It is imperative that hairdressing students gain as much knowledge and develop the necessary skills to make them competent and successful within the industry. This is where the Foundation degrees comes into play because they offer higher education qualifications. The basis for this is a partnership with potential employers to see that the student is meeting the standards and criteria of the Industry.

Hairdressing Jobs – Are You Suitable For a Hairdressing Career?

As far back as you can remember you have loved to style everyone’s hair that would allow you to. Now its time to choose a career and you are seriously considering become a hairdresser. It’s important not to base you decisions because of your experiences from your earlier years, where you were just playing with hair.

Hairdressing Apprenticeships – Become a Hairdresser Easily and Quickly

If you have decided that, you want to become a hairdresser then you have chosen a very popular and lucrative career. In addition, you will be entering into an industry that is highly competitive. If you plan to do well at your new chosen career then you must plan to work hard during your learning stages.

How to Select the Right Professional Hairdressing Scissors – Training Academy

No matter what trade you are in, utilizing the proper equipment is paramount to your success at the job. The same concept applies to Professional hair stylists. There are several tools and equipment that they must use in their services and the better the quality then the better the job.

Hairdressing Apprenticeship Courses – What is the Eastern Grip?

One of the most used tools of the trade for Hairdressers is the scissors. They demand the education and knowledge in the techniques that are performed with this tool. Hair cutting techniques such chipping, channeling, slide cutting or even open blade slicing can be effectively carried out by implementing the eastern grip technique. Although this technique has many uses, one that it cannot perform is section cutting, at least not successfully.

Get Hired in a Call Center

All call centers have some commonalities- they are fast paced; they are busy, noisy and require multi-tasking. Most obviously, they sound like a lot of talking. What you may not hear is the listening. In a call center environment, listening skills are priority. As an agent, if you cannot hear what the caller is saying, you cannot proceed effectively in the call.

Bad Boss Behavior – There is Hope

At one point or another in your career you will have to deal with it. It’s pretty much inevitable, at least as long as human beings are in the position to lead and manage other human beings. You are going to get a bad boss, or if you are lucky, a good boss who sometimes behaves badly. The question is what, if anything, can you do about it.

Voice Over Training Courses – Do They Help Finding Work and Jobs?

Has this ever happened to you: You are chatting away to someone; a work colleague, friend or even a complete stranger and suddenly they remark on your voice. They might be impressed with its richness, depth, smoothness or even on how sexy it sounds. You may even have suggestions that you should be doing voice overs.

Job Search and Your Online Presence – Part 1

Most of us have a web presence – whether or not we are aware of it – but we don’t always know what information (or misinformation) exists about us online. Your online presence is part of your brand (your image, who you are, what you stand for and how you and your essence are perceived by others). With more and more employers researching potential job candidates, you need to know what they’re likely to find in an online search of your name and how to increase the likelihood that what they find highlights your professionalism and qualifications.

How Do You Keep Your Cool?

Author John W. Gardner wrote: “We are continually faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.” During trying times sometimes troublesome situations at work do seem mountainous and insurmountable: shrinking budgets, staffs, client lists, time, etc. One of the key personal attributes of what we call a Cashmere Leader is demonstrating “Grace Under Fire”.

3 R’s For Being Successful Today

The memory of the original 3 R’s takes me back to grade school, when “Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmatic”, meant the basics in education. The idea was if you nailed the 3 R’s you had a good foundation for learning. And, undeniably, you couldn’t effectively learn other subjects if you couldn’t read or write. But, what are the 3 R’s for being successful today? They’re a must if you want to stay ahead of the game.

What Are Green Jobs and How Do I Get One?

Green jobs are said to build a strong middle class and provide people with new skills to help minimize damage to our environment. Green jobs are also said to reduce unemployment and poverty. Here is a list of 4 interesting green employers and why you should work for them.

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