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5 Tips for Becoming a Star Intern

Becoming an intern provides you with a lot of opportunities: The opportunity to learn, to get paid or receive credit, to learn new skills, network and make professional contacts. Here are 5 tips to become the most effective intern you can be.

Design Your Dream Career and Start Living Your Life Now

Many people literally become “sick of work” — not just tired of doing the work that they are being paid to do, but physically sick as a result of the stress involved in their work. Life is too short to be wasted on work that makes us unhappy or even sick. It is up to you to be proactive about your career, to make the decision that you are worthy of having a career and a life that you love.

The Essential Skill To Getting Ahead!

What is the one thing all employers are looking for in a job candidate? Most recruiters will tell you it’s someone who fits in and best reflects the company culture. Who fits in the best?

Hiring Software Testing Professionals

If you manage the software testing department of a large organization, at some point in your career you will likely go through the hiring process. This will need to be done whenever there is turnover in the staff, or if the company has decided to grow its software testing resources. The purpose of this article is to outline the general steps and points of consideration as you go through this hiring process for the first time.

Resumes, Golf Swings, Interviews and Tournaments

Resumes are like your golf swing. Everyone has an opinion and a suggestion that can make it better. The trouble is, if you take everyone’s advice you wind up with a document that is three pages too long, two pages too short, over descriptive without saying enough, in a format that’s perfect, but unreadable and says too much about your personality without saying enough about who you are. Too much advice cancels out all advice, much like sound waves muting other sounds.

So You Think You Want to Be an Electrical Apprentice?

If you are interested in developing a career for life in the electrical sector an apprenticeship is the way to go! In the UK, the best electrical apprenticeships are employer-led, which means you will earn as you learn, gain on-the-job experience/training and have the opportunity to develop workplace skills.

Money Moves Every Jobseeker Should Make

When bills are paid and taxes filed, it’s time to kick back…and still think about money. As a jobseeker, whether employed or unemployed, you need to think about money because it affects the timing of your search, the sectors you want to target, and the way you position yourself. I coached someone who wanted to change careers from financial services to pastry-making and then seemed startled when I pointed out that entry pastry chef jobs paid minimum wage. That wasn’t to discourage her from the transition, but she needed to know how to meet that income gap if she decides to do so.

Tips On Coaching: How To Associate Personal Power And Control With Responsibility

The existing tips on coaching that deals with responsibility often lists out the things you are responsible for being the coach. The same goes out for the client. What are often lacking are the reasons behind the benefits of gaining responsibility. There must be more reasons beyond the usual and the obvious matters as detailed in the contract between the coach and the client. What can be accomplished more if we take responsibilities seriously? The answer to this question should be included in coaching tips. So read on.

Career Change Ideas – 3 Ingenious Questions That Will Clearly Unfold Your Passion

Career change ideas are not topics that were discussed in school. For most people a career change is one of those dreadful, knock-you-off-your feet, occurrences that most people would rather try to decrypt the code to Fort Knox’s vaults than change jobs. Although 87 percent of the population absolutely hates their jobs… Read below; these are the questions that prompt us to change careers….POWERFUL!!!

Ten Questions to Determine Whether YOU Are a Sensational Employee

Businesses across the globe are constantly searching for employees that can help them achieve success. If you can answer YES to all ten questions, you are well on your way to becoming a highly sought after Sensational Employee.

Office Phone Etiquette

Phone skills are pretty important in the office. Yet answering a phone at an office tends to make people nervous. In hopes of making it a little less intimidating though, here’s some tips for handling phones on the job.

How to Determine What Work at Home Job to Do

Figuring out what work at home job to do is often more difficult than finding a job. Learn one method that will help you narrow down your options.

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