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To Get Hired, Try These Tips

Do not apply to classified job ads. You will have a better chance if you utilize your time more constructively by applying directly to your targeted companies.

3 Steps to Creating The Soul Filled Work You Are Meant To Do

It’s possible to do work that you are not only good at and enjoy, but that satisfies that nudge from deep down inside your soul that says, “Oh yeah, this is it. This is what I’m meant to do. This is my calling in life.” If you’re wondering just how that is possible, then here are three steps to get you started.

Considering A Career In The Security World?

Attaining an SIA licence is an absolute must for those looking to work within the UK security industry. Failure to gain an SIA licence means that any work you undertake will have you breaking the law and you will find yourself facing a fine and a possible prison sentence.

Deciding What Career Really Fits You

Deciding on what course to take upon graduating from high school is almost the same as deciding whom to marry. Choosing a career has a lifetime implication because if you choose a certain career now, it will be the kind of thing that you will be dealing with for the rest of your life unless you will divert into another thing. Diverting entails a waste of time and resources. Thus, there is a need for career guidance.

Rediscover Yourself in Recession!

In the wake of globalization and due to unknown economic upheaval like recession, many employees are clueless about what happened to their job and career, which is the brightest in the world till yesterday. If you stick to one skill and decided to continue in your career, you may fall prey to the dangers of quicksand like recession. You will be confused with the regular statements of leaders, bankers, economic advisors across the world about recession and its impact on the society.

How to Become a Freelance Writer in 2011: 2 Things You Can Do Today to Get Started

Fact: it’s taking the average unemployed worker almost 8 months to find a job. This is one reason easy-to-start careers like freelance writing are so popular. Following are 2 things you can do today to get started if this career choice interests you.

How To Ace Telephone Job Interviews

Telephone interviews are different than live interviews and require different strategies for the job-seeker to be successful. When I ask new coaching clients to assess their interview technique, they never distinguish between phone and live interviews. Many clients don’t even realize that brief phone interactions are mini-interviews. Even when a longer phone call is scheduled in advance, some of my clients refer to it as a “screen,” as if this is something different or even less than an interview.

4 Marketing Items Jobseekers Need In Addition To A Resume

While a resume is the main way jobseekers market themselves, you may want to add these 4 marketing materials to your toolkit. If you want to be perceived as an industry expert and you have worked for the top companies in your field, you want to list these specific names. If you are currently in one position but aspire to another, you want to highlight skills relevant to where you want to be. The bio is a sound bite that focuses you and the readers to your unique value proposition.

How To Choose And Use Job References Wisely

Many jobseekers think about their references only when they are in the offer stage. But the proactive jobseeker uses references as a marketing tool. The right references can push an average finalist to frontrunner. Furthermore, even the happily content employee should be proactive and have a list of references ready for three purposes.

Avoid an Uncertain Job Market: Teach English Abroad

Times are tough in the US, but if you can speak English fluently, you can get a good job overseas teaching English. Earn $60,000 or more teaching abroad.

Singles in Career Transition – Relocating Does Not Have To Be Scary

Singles who are transitioning to a new career have much more freedom when it comes to career change choices. Relocating to a new town, a new state or even a new country is not out of the question when you do not have a spouse’s career or children’s schooling to take into consideration.

How to Obtain Your Security Guard Card

When trying to get your Guard Card in California, you should begin by searching for security training academies which are located throughout the entire state. In order to cut down on expenses in visiting or having to personally call these academies, simply contact the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, which is a part of the Department of Consumer Affairs, for information. When making your application you will need to fill out the following forms: Application for Security Guard or Patrol Person, along with three copies of the Security Guard Live Scan form.

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