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Top 10 Strategies for Coping With Job Transitions

Job transitions can be stressful – whether they’re due to layoff, a new job or working extra hours because others workers were laid off. These tips can help you get through this period of change in you life.

Hire a Career Coach For Your Current and Future Success

Choosing a Career Coach can be like finding a physician. Some doctors are GPs, some are specialists, and others provide holistic medicine and more. Career coaches are much the same they have their areas of skill and expertise and offer different approaches to different situations.

Find a Career Coach to Mentor You Through a Job Search Or Career Change

The author discovers the value of a mentor when she is nominated for an international award. A mentor can guide you to see your goal from a new perspective, clearing the way for greater success. A career coach is a mentor for your job search or career change.

2 Possible Ways to Change Your Career

For many people, changing a career represents something they wish for, think about, possibly dream about and…do nothing about. It is such a common phenomenon, almost everybody knows somebody who desperately wants to change a career but doesn’t know how. It is also common to most people to want to change their career without too much disruption and while still having a stable income.

Career Paths With An Endorsed Phlebotomist Certification Program

Venipuncturists will have to obtain a Phlebotomist Certification Program if they wish to pursue this line of work. These people draw blood from people for the purposes of testing or for blood donating purposes. A few processes need to be completed for this qualification to materialize.

Career Truths, Facts and Obstacles: The Future of the Workforce, 3 Tips Part 1

Are you wondering what future careers will be more stable and in demand? What choices will protect your income potential long term? Find out what 3 things you need to help you create demand and stability in a global workforce market.

Career Truths, Facts and Obstacles: The Future of the Workforce, 3 Tips Part 2

Would you like to know what careers will be hot in future? Get a jump on these careers and cash in. Read this article.

Model Agencies for Beginners

If you want to become a serious model or a super model at that, you need to know about model agencies and the benefits of having a good one by your side. These agencies make the job of modeling easy, because they take care of everything but the modeling for you. The make your appointments, handle your cancellations, book your jobs, hook you up with some of the best photographers and test shoots if you are beginner, and handle the billing and the way you receive your money.

Career Truth, Facts and Obstacles: How to Avoid Downsizing Pay Scales, 3 Tips

How do you protect your income scale from dropping? How do you secure you current level of income at your job? What can you do to attract a bigger raise from your employer? Read this article and find out.

Getting Retrenched? A Few Strategic Steps on Your Career Moves for a New Job and Future

If you sense your job is being retrenched, there are ways to ensure this won’t happen to you again. Here are 5 suggested steps you may have to consider when you decide to craft a career strategy for a new job and future.

How to Become A Successful Telemarketer

Telemarketing is usually taken as a boring and irritating profession. However, it is very untrue. People usually have wrong perceptions about telemarketing. As explained in earlier chapters, telemarketing is a very rewarding career. It enables you to make much more money by being home and working in flexible hours.

The Benefits of Career Assessment: Understanding Your Passions for a Future Career

Students and those who are about to undergo the challenges of getting jobs and experiencing a new life after formal education, would benefit greatly from career assessment. You can say that career assessment is like a self-assessment with the understanding of your attributes in various disciplines.

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