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Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles

You often hear stories about people’s social media profiles having a negative impact on their job hunting efforts, but what if you used these profiles as a career booster? There are the obvious or what you would think are obvious rules about social media profiles, don’t post any of your party pictures from last weekend, keep in mind who you are friends with because their profiles could hurt you as well, refrain from using profanity, don’t repost articles that might raise eyebrows with companies, check your spelling, the list goes on, but what about the things you can do to create positive buzz around your social profiles? Remember that your social profiles help establish your personal brand.

Building Your Personal Brand

The concept of “branding yourself” was once used predominantly in the marketing industry. Today, however, with the growth and development of technology that enables anyone access to the Internet, personal branding is no longer reserved just for those who have the assets to pay for an expensive marking strategy.

Writing a Gold Medal LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that LinkedIn is now regarded as the world’s largest online professional network with close to 200 million members in over 200 countries. More and more hiring managers, recruiters, employers and head-hunters are using LinkedIn as part of their hiring strategy. With demand for jobs at an all-time high, having a professionally written LinkedIn profile may be the difference in receiving an interview request and ultimately scoring that brand new job.

Climbing the Confidence Ladder: From Wannabe to the One People Want to Be

A high dose of confidence goes a long way when you’re finally able to tell your boss that amazing idea you’ve been keeping to yourself, when you actually look confident to your colleagues, and when you eventually realize that confident people still find the need to ask questions a lot of the time. So, let’s take a glance at some of the ways you can change your game plan from the wannabe to the one that people want to be.

How To Hire A Career Coach or Business Consultant

Choosing the right career is a significant milestone in everyone’s life. Most career aspirants are unaware of the latest trends in career market and often fail to groom themselves to be on the launching pad to a successful career. The highly competitive career market requires dynamic and young go getters who are ready to go that extra mile to be successful.

I Know What You’re Thinking (and So Does Your Boss)

If you believe that thinking negative thoughts is a harmless pastime that doesn’t affect anything outside of your own head–you could be ruining your chances of finding a job. Consider this: when you’re harboring angry thoughts about your unemployment, those negative thoughts are sabotaging your job interviews – even if you’re saying all the right words during the interview.

Start Your Own Business

Have you ever thought about running your own business? Is it an easy job? Can everybody run his own business? Are there any special skills needed in order to succeed in business? These are difficult questions, and sometimes it might be difficult to answer them all. If you ask me, not everyone can run business, because there are many qualities needed to make this possible.

Career Boredom Is the New Silent Killer!

Have you been doing the same tasks every day for years? Do you literally drag yourself to work each day? Do you hate the repetitive and tedious tasks given to you?

Value of Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment background checks have several advantages to the employer. First of all, such checks have proved to have the capability of increasing productivity in employees while creating a safe environment in the company.

Mid-Year Job Search Checkup

With summer in full swing and the first half of the year gone already, it’s time to do a little inventory of your job search. What has worked for you and what hasn’t? First and foremost take a good, long, honest look at your resume.

How the U.S. Economy Affects Your Salary

Income is very important, as how much you earn will also determine how much you are able to spend. However, when the cost of living goes up, it is not always the case that take home salaries rise to meet this increase…

Earn Your Degree for a Bright Future As a Phlebotomy Technician

A career in Phlebotomy is best explored by those who are interested in the human body, health, and a career working with blood and veins. Phlebotomists specialize as clinical supporters assisting healthcare professionals by collecting blood from patients for diagnosis. But before you can pursue your dream job in Phlebotomy, it’s important to earn certification from the best Phlebotomy colleges to optimize your job prospects in the future.

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