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Why Graduate Recruitment Is a Smart Option

As a business owner, you should be evaluating the return on the investment on graduate recruitment. There are several reasons why you should be evaluating if, when and where a graduate may be an asset to your business. It is also important to realize that graduates can be used in place of experienced employees, and not just lower costs, but also a higher potential. Graduate recruitment can help the business in more ways than one.

The Better Prospects for Employment With Graduate Jobs

The working world may have gotten tougher, or it may have gotten easier, and it all depends on from which side of the glass it is being viewed. To many graduates, the aspirations of having lifelong fulfilling careers with graduate jobs may not be fully realistic, while others may be prepared to accept compromises, and a very select few accept the jobs that they can find and go on to make outstanding careers out of them.

What a BA (Bad Attitude) Can Do To Your Career

You probably know some people who always seem to be complaining about something and, at times, they tend not to be that pleasurable to be around. If you fall into this trap it can inhibit your ability to get along with co-workers, be included in projects, and your capability to build a strong, nurturing network – so critical for career success.

Job Search Confidence Comes in Cans, Not Cannots

Winston Churchill said it best: “Never, never, never, never give up.” Knowing, really believing in yourself, and demonstrating that belief to others is a harbinger of success… in your job search as well as in life in general. To be successful in converting a job search to a job found, you must show a hiring manager you have as much confidence in yourself as you want him to have in you.

Understanding ITIL Plain and Simple

Did you know that ITIL is now considered the de-facto standard for delivering IT Service for most blue chip organisations. Learn more about the importance of ITIL and it can improve your chances of getting a job in IT.

Career Planning: 3 Critical Areas To Include In Your Career Plan

Career planning can seem really overwhelming. To create a really strong career plan, there are many areas to consider for both your long and short term goals, strategies and specific actions. As you’re creating your career plan, ensure that you include the following 3 critical areas.

Use Keywords in Your Resume to Get Recruiters to Notice

Let’s face it, the job market is tough. There are so many people that are submitting their resumes to job boards trying to get their qualifications noticed by employers for the chance of landing the position of their dreams. This is no easy task because recruiters are using tools to perform searches against a resume database to find the perfect candidate for a position. This is one of the central methods that recruiters use in going through the millions of resumes that are located on Monster, LinkedIn, Dice, and others to find their candidate. Recruiters are under a lot of pressure from corporate and hiring managers for finding the candidate that can do the job and add value to the organization. Remember, recruiters want to find a candidate like you and place you into their company. They just need a little help in getting introduced to you and your resume.

How Can I Use the Internet to Make Money? Use Proper Strategies and Plan Accurately

Residual Income is great if done with using accurate strategies and with full proved planning. It is an excellent way to earn money online. All you required to research thoroughly of the organization to avoid any income disaster.

5 Common Career Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

What is a successful career? We spend the majority of our lives working and sometimes we can slip into seemingly innocent habits that can be career killers. Many of us start off with the best of intentions, and then little by little these 5 common career mistakes slip into our routines.

Careers That Provide a Helping Hand

There are many of us that have a desire to help other individuals. In doing so, we are not only helping them to feel better but we are also helping ourselves to feel better about ourselves. That is why many people that are considering their future career think about the possibility of helping people when they are working. There are many different ways of doing so but here are a few that you may want to consider when doing your university search.

Easy Ways To Improve Your Travel Job CV

Even if you’re happy in a secure travel job, it’s always important to refresh your CV – no-one knows what’s going to happen in the future, so why not keep your options open? By following a few easy steps, you can make sure your CV will not only stand out to employers, but will also reflect well on you as a candidate.

Are You Prepared to Become a Paramedic?

People are often interested in pursuing a unique career like that of a paramedic, but they also fail to understand the small things that are important to know in regards to the application process. In this article, we examine how you go about applying to a paramedic program, the prerequisites you must satisfy, and what to do after you graduate the program and are ready to find a job.

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