How Much Does Becky’s Homestead Make on YouTube

8 Compelling Reasons Every Employee Should Start A Part-Time Business

The most common route for most people to take after graduation from college is to look for a job. Very few people make up their minds from the onset to go into business for themselves. Majority shy away from business for many varied reasons even though it never occurs to them that paid employment is actually work for someone who is running his or her own business.

Push The Pause Button Before Big Career Decisions

A coaching client of mine is suffering from burnout. He has a demanding professional services job, a new addition to the family, and a review cycle that puts him up for a key promotion within the next six months. First he wanted to quit. Then he wanted to take a leave of absence to get refreshed. Instead I told him to hire a personal trainer. What?

Everything Else Is Secondary

It’s the first Monday of the new year. My plan is to start each week with “Monday Motivations” as a topic.

11 Powerful Re’s to Reignite Your Career

Dinner guests were arriving when the electric igniter went out on my oven. And, then a few minutes later I discovered the igniter on my gas grill was also out. After a momentary panic attack I re-thought the evening, ordered in and we got a laugh out of it. But, being aware of metaphor and the subtle epiphanies it can bring, it got me thinking about where in our lives the igniters go out from time to time. For both the grill and the oven it was an easy fix to re-ignite the mechanism. What about re-igniting our lives and careers? It’s a powerful act and allows you to live your life rather than your life living you.

Outsmart Your Boss!

Your boss is constantly trying to figure ways to get you to work longer, harder, and more productively for the least compensation possible. His job is to look out for the company’s interests. Your job is to protect your own.

Reasons Why Nursing Is A Fantastic Vocation Choice

There are plenty of reasons why choosing a nursing career is a great choice. In this article, I’ll go over some of the reasons why entering the lucrative nursing field may be the best decision ever.

If You Could Start Over, What Career Choices Might You Change?

Have you ever said to yourself, “If I could do my career education and career choices all over again, I’d do things very differently” – or is that just me? In other words, if you haven’t grown up yet: What do you REALLY want to be when you grow up and how do you intend to get to that point from where you are right now?

Financing a Business – 2 Great Way To Get Your Ideas Off The Ground

We all have great ideas. Entrepreneurs are those people who are able to take these ideas and turn them into products or services that grow into businesses. While talking about being and entrepreneur is one thing, making it happen is quite another. One of the biggest hurdles in starting a business is financing. You need money to start, sustain and grow your business and when you are first starting out you are probably as broke as everybody else.

Making Money Without Using Internet

Do not get mistaken into thinking that you cannot carry on with a home based business, if you do not have a computer and internet service. There are a number of opportunities available which you can get hold of without using a computer. The following are five examples of having a business and making money without using internet as a main tool.

How Should a Successful Business Student Think?

To be a successful business executive has been the dream of many business students over the years. People in power suits always seem to be sitting around plush offices with views of city skylines; jet around the world to attend important meetings; and their names just resonate with money and power. You have most likely seen a CEO on TV, in the news or in reality TV.

Use The Law Of Attraction For Business Success

The Law of Attraction always works. The trouble is that most people are using it to attract the things they don’t want.

The Economics of the Job Market

As a job applicant who is looking for a new position with better compensation, you must understand the supply and the demand of the job market. Knowing these economics will provide an advantage that cannot be duplicated.

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