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3 Proven Career Makeover Strategies to Achieve Greater Success and Satisfaction

Eight of ten workers are less than thrilled with their careers. Millions of career-minded professionals daydream about reinventing their careers, but fail when it comes to actually making it happen. In this concise, info-packed article, an experienced career counselor shares her top recommendations for achieving successful, lasting career change.

Insider’s Guide to Studying For the Fashion and Design Industry

Many people have a preconception that the fashion industry is very glamorous! What they don’t know in fact is that it is a very fast paced and cut-throat environment – especially if you choose to go down the pathway of becoming a designer. Fashion design firstly requires talent.

Job Interviews – Top 5 Ways to Take the Stress Out of a Stressful Job Interview

What’s preventing you from having a successful job interview and ultimately getting the job you want? For many people, it’s their stress level during an interview that’s the culprit. Here are 5 simple and effective techniques to increase your confidence and belief in yourself to put yourself in the best light possible!

Bringing Baggage to the Job Interview

Nobody wants to hear about your problems and baggage especially in the job interview. Nobody’s perfect. Some people’s lives begin to sound like a Soap Opera because there have been so many extenuating circumstances. The following is some advice to handle those tricky situations when interviewing that may be difficult to talk about let alone explain.

Success in Any Workplace

Do you find yourself concerned about job security lately? Here are 6 simple steps to follow to be successful in any work environment and achieve greater job satisfaction.

Owning Your Own Business – Financial Considerations

Most small business owners start their businesses with very limited funds; therefore, financial considerations are important. Whether or not you have your business in your home, you are paying the mortgage or rent, utilities, property taxes, maintenance, and a host of other costs.

Owing Your Own Business – Nonfinancial Considerations

Neighbors. Your neighbors might not be as enthused as you are about your new enterprise, especially if it results in increased traffic volumes on what would otherwise be a quiet residential street. If you run a business where you work from home but see your clients at their homes or places of business, you will not have to deal with this issue. You are not asking their permission; you are simply informing them as a courtesy and encouraging them to bring any concerns to your attention immediately instead of going to the …

Job Interview 101 For Law Students – The Callback Interview

The Callback Interview is an opportunity for the law firm to gauge and verify if your employability. It is also an opportunity for you to learn the inns and outs of your prospective employer. Learn how to turn this opportunity into a permanent job offer.

Ace the GMAT

This post is specifically for highly self-motivated GMAT aspirants who dream of cracking the GMAT with 700+ scores. They understand that more and more test takers are getting adept at test taking and the competition is getting much stiffer. The Verbal Section tends to take one’s score down significantly.

5 Step Process For Improving Career Decision Making

Making career decisions can stir up many emotions and leave you confused and searching for answers. This article provides a 5 step process for alleviating some of the uncertainty and can help you focus on the important elements in career decision making.

Why Get an MBA? Where Will the Jobs Be When You Finish?

I have seen a number of people ask which MBA program is best or which MBA program will result in the highest salary, but it bothers me that I don’t hear anyone asking why get an MBA in the first place? What I need to understand is why get an MBA today when so many management jobs are being cut and the market is already saturated with professionals with MBA pedigree but lack the critical skills necessary to make a difference in the macro-economy today? What this economy needs is a drastic increase in people with the…

How to Truly Create and Maintain Your Own Job Security in These Economic Times

We all want job and life security. However, the rules have changed. It’s time to re-evaluate what we are doing, and how we can truly create our own economic security. Here’s a road map for doing just that.

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