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Life Goes on Recession Or No Recession

It is frequently said in theater, “the show must go on”. How does that apply to now you wonder, well no matter what is going on in the world life does not stop for it.

What To Do When Your Career Doesn’t Go As Planned

Many people who have put an incredible amount of time and energy into their careers find themselves frustrated when they are confronted with career setbacks. It could be that your career is stalled. You find yourself unable to move any further up the corporate ladder. Or your career may temporarily be in neutral. You may have been laid off or downsized, and you are now involuntarily unemployed. What’s the best way to handle these career setbacks? Here are some tips to get you back in gear.

Top Companies to Work For

When you head out to work, you probably don’t want to work for a bad company, but it can’t always be helped. However, no matter where you’re working now or even if you don’t have a job there’s no reason why you can’t set your sights on one of the top companies to work for. These include companies like Google and Microsoft, but they also include other large companies that are strong such as other companies that are involved in technology, car companies, and health care companies.

The Best Countries to Work In Around the Globe

There are many countries that a person can work in if he or she wants to go somewhere other than his or her home country. The most popular countries in which to be an expatriate and work are the United States, France, and Switzerland. They all have much to offer for locals, for tourists, and for people who are only there for a while due to work commitments, and they are all great countries.

Dress For Success – Get the Job Offer You Deserve

After months of searching and submitting resumes, you have finally landed the all important job interview…but what now? You must WOW the judge.

Finding a Career in Uncertain Times

This downturn is said to be the worst in known memory. Never have we faced such challenges epically when it comes to keeping your job and and your career.

Costs to Consider As an IT Contractor

Being an IT contractor means being your own boss. You get to decide where you would like to work and how you like your business to be structured. But just what steps are required?

Why Most People Do Not Make What They Are Worth

Most people do not earn what they are truly worth in business, whether they own it, or are simply working for someone else. There are two very specific reason I think we so this happen to so many people, and if they become aware of them, then the can change the patterns that cause them to happen. First off is that far too many people are afraid of success.

Oil Industry Jobs

In recent survey, CNN Money reported that oil drillers are rushing up for workforce to oil industry job. One of the world’s leading offshore drilling groups has 1500 oil rig job opportunities in the couple of years for their 5 new oil rigs.

How to Use Career Planning to Get Your Perfect Job

When doing career planning, it is important to do a lot of self-exploration. You need to find out your skills and interests and how they will carry over into different professions. Career tests are often used as a means of identifying what path to choose in your career planning. Also, there are counselors that can advise you in your planning. These are a very valuable tool that should absolutely be taken advantage of.

Tough Economic Times – Create a Job in Your Dream Industry

This article helps those who may or may not have a college degree. If you are seeking employment pursue your dreams. There is no job security… you may as well work in jobs you enjoy to support your family. Plan your success, by being prepared with resume, interview answers, dress for success and leverage social media to advertise your skills to solve a organization problem, helping them to either reduce expenses, errors or increase profits

Essential Job Tips – Resignation

You would think the tough part would be over now since you have successfully passed the interview stage and have in your hands a signed contract for your new job. This may not be the case as the final step, while not difficult in the same sense as the others, can often be the most emotional. We are talking about the resignation.

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