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4 Simple Ways to Spot a Bogus Job Offer

With unemployment levels rising, and more and more people desperate for work, the amount of people that look online for a job is at an all time high. Unfortunately, the scammers are posting fake jobs in order to get your money, personal details, or to get you to apply for jobs that you don’t want. I’m going to go through 4 simple ways in which you can spot a job scam to make sure you don’t get suckered in.

Lifeguard Interview Question and Answer Tips

If you’ve recently obtained your lifeguard certification and are ready to start looking for your first job, here is a quick reference on some common lifeguard interview questions. How you answer these questions, will help your potential new employer know if you have what it takes to move forward in your lifeguarding career.

Getting Your Recent Grad From Here to There – Lifelong Career Management

Today’s job market is challenging and competition for entry level positions is fierce! So how does a young professional stand out? Focusing on the reality of the job market can invoke fear but can also serve to shift perspective to a deeper level of appreciation for this transitional phase of a young professional’s life. The economic climate can serve as the catalyst to start a more meaningful dialogue with your children around the role of work in life. The bigger conversation is about how to make work an expression of each graduate’s intrinsic, unique and innate gifts. Gone are the days of employment for a paycheck that provides lifelong security. The new security lies in creating value in a brand called “ME Inc.” The fact is that a more strategic approach to job search needs to be considered now more than ever.

Starting Your Career As a Wedding Planner

Thanks to the Jennifer Lopez movie “The Wedding Planner”, wedding planning has become big business, with the job market more than tripling since the movie came out. For these people, helping couples plan their special day sounds like an ideal job. What could be more wonderful than helping two people start their new life together?

Cultivate a Positive Life Coach Career Outlook!

Can you tell what your life coach career outlook will be? Do you keep track of the ups and downs of the economy to ascertain that people will hire your services? Do you cling to your prospects’ every decision and speculate what your present clients will choose to do the next day? Will they renew for another month?

5 Ways Your Friends Can Help When You Start a Small Business

These days, many people are starting small businesses. Your friends may say they want to help, but you’ll need to tell them exactly what you need them to do.

Ideal Careers for Students

Outlines the advantages and disadvantages students will face when searching for employment. Students will face several hurdles searching for jobs. However, they will also face great advantages as well.

How to Switch to a Different Career in 3 Easy Steps

Making a definite change in a career can sometimes be frightening and make you feel uncomfortable. As a result, you continue wishing for it, dreaming about it but not doing much to achieve it. One of the reasons behind this lack of action can be the “definite” sound of it. Often in life if our options only entail option A and option B, (for example, stay or leave, buy or don’t buy, speak or not speak), making a decision can be tough.

Careers Advice: What They Don’t Teach You in Business School

What do MBA students need to know in order to achieve career success?  This is the question I asked myself before presenting to students at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

Most Sought After Careers in the Medical Field

Health care sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Here are some of the most sought after jobs in the medical field.

How to Enjoy Your New Job And Make Sure You Get Along With the New Boss!

So, you’ve been working on your job for quite some time now and have always gotten along with the boss, when suddenly he either quits, is fired or retires and a new boss has come in to take his place. This can really put a lot of stress on you as an employee and you need to know how to adjust to this and how to get along with the new boss so you don’t end up standing in the unemployment line with all the other job seekers out there.

Security Guard Training: What It Takes To Become A Security Guard

Becoming a security guard is a high demand field where you are sure to find a job. Many companies are eager to hire and this can be a great way to earn a living and provide for your family. Not to mention that you can learn some unique skills that is unlike most any other regular job.

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