How Much Does Blind to Billionaire Make on YouTube

Job Interview Time And I Am Freaking Out

Resume writing and applying for jobs was easy. Now I have been called for a job interview and I am freaking out. Preparing for the job interview requires you to get a few things in order first before you appear at the official interview.

How To Negotiate Your Salary As A New Graduate

So you’re a recent college graduate seeking your first full time job. As such, are you willing to accept any salary that a company offers you? You’re probably excited just to be offered a job and don’t want to rock the boat, right?

Resume Writing Tips For The CEO

A senior executive’s professional resume has one job, and that is to portray your value and significance that you can bring to the business. At the executive level it is expected that you have all the soft skills required to lead and manage teams, however the key is to focus on highlighting your value added skills and achievements that are directly related to what the organization is looking for. If the company is looking for a CEO with experience in turning around departments, raising equity or international expansion, then your resume needs to target these requirements and provide quantitative examples…

Everything You Need to Know Regarding Career As a Stockbroker

This article discusses in detail about the career in stockbroking. Things like how can you become a stockbroker, what are the educational requirements, licensing requirements and how much can you expect to make as a stockbroker.

Professional Development – The Strategies That You Need To Succeed

Professional Development also known as career advancement strategies are a great way for a person to progress in their job functions. There are wide varieties of different strategies that are covered during a professional development course, all of which benefit the user.

How To Get A Junior Project Manager Job

IT project management is a rewarding, lucrative, but challenging field in the IT industry. Getting into this field isn’t an easy feat though. It can seem like there are a lot of PMs, but no clear way to get a job. That’s where this role comes in – the Junior Project Manager.

Play Games and Earn Money

Every body likes to play games. It is possible to earn money while playing games on internet. This article provides basic information on earning money by becoming a game tutor, playing computer games and playing board games. Learn to earn money while enjoying games.

7 Tips to Be a Brilliant Project Manager

Being a brilliant project manager is not just about managing how you work, but also about having a good understanding with the other members of your team. Project managers who possess good interpersonal skills are always valued highly. Here are some more tips to excel at your job as a project manager:

The Top 5 Items of Equipment Correction Officers Use Most

Correctional officers are required to carry quite a bit of gear during their duty day, and most seasoned correction officers know to carry certain equipment on them at all times not only to secure themselves in a variety of situations, but will also make certain aspects of the job easier. Here’s a listing of the top 5 day-to-day carry items which the majority of correctional officers will carry. A flashlight is possibly the single most important item of equipment that an officer will have.

Hairdressing Jobs And How To Become A Stylist

Hairdressing jobs are said to be the happiest jobs you can have, with hairdressers regularly topping the ‘happiest at work’ polls across the world. It’s not hard to see why, either; hairdressers are usually passionate about what they do, have studied hard to get where they want to be, enjoy the diversity of their day-to-day work, and like building and maintaining relationships with their clients.

6 Tips For Beginning Your Career

I really didn’t receive much advice when I first started working. I heard things like “don’t miss work” or “be nice to your boss” or even “do something to stand out,” but no one talked about ethics, skills, networking, or standing up for myself. Here are six tips I have for those of you just starting work, whether fresh out of high school or college, or whether you’re re-entering the workforce and maybe forgot a few things along the way.

Internet Marketing: Cures for Resourcing Burnout

Owning your own business can be an exciting and rewarding experience that provides you with freedom from the 9 to 5 daily grind and gives you the lifestyle you want. It can also be a 24 hour-a-day source of stress and exhaustion. If you find yourself experiencing more of the latter than the former, you may be suffering from Resourcing Burnout. Resourcing involves behaviors and skills that are focused on enabling yourself or others. A common characteristic of Resource-based skills is providing information, action, or support. Defining strategies, researching, teaching, counseling, sharing, advising, coaching, and connecting people are examples of Resourcing activities. Resource based interactions are how we give of ourselves to others, while Transaction-based interactions are how we get for ourselves from others by giving something of equal value in return. Resourcing Burnout is the result of too many Resource-based interactions and not enough Transactions.

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