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Career Advice at 25 – I Don’t Know What I Want to Be When I Grow Up!

People often say that a rewarding career is more about personal fulfillment than it is about bringing in big bucks. Many of us agree with this statement. The truth is, most people would rather be happy than rich. Meaningful work is one of the keys to personal fulfillment, especially since we spend approximately 33% of our adult life working. Research shows that if you have a career that complements your personal values, you’re much more likely to be happy than if you’re working a meaningless job.

Write a Powerful Resume – Part 2: Prewriting Checklist

In Part 2 Prewriting Checklist, we will first examine the must complete steps before writing a powerful resume. We also discuss how you can effectively brainstorm through each of work, education, activities, skills & interests sections.

Loan Officer Requirements

Becoming a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) does not happen over a weekend, it takes time, money, testing and much more. Below you will find requirements to become a state licensed loan officer.

How to Re-Focus When Your Business Falters

How do we face our own internal fears when it comes to our business? Those moments or days, even months when we have the least amount of expectation for success. It’s not enough to say that you aren’t alone, all entrepreneurs at some point felt that way about the business they own.

Are You Over Focused?

Stepping back temporarily disrupts your focus momentarily, allowing you to reflect and see things differently. We often can over-complicate a task or a situation if we are too close to it.

Is Security A Stepping Stone Into Law Enforcement?

Is becoming a Police constable your dream career? Should you become a Security Guard first to get relevant Experience? You don’t need to become a Security Guard to become a Police officer.

Analyzing the Top Ten Benefits of Using OffiServ Help Desk Service in Your Office

Help Desk systems are created for employees to report any issues that may occur during everyday operations. We could probably think about hundreds of reasons why the owners of enterprises should use automated Help Desk services like OffiServ in their offices. We will try to recognize the top ten of them below.

How to Start Networking

Networking is the best way to find a job, shape your career and build relationships. Stop wasting your time trolling job boards and start putting your face in the field. Networking can be scary though, so here are some ideas to find your comfort zone.

How To Get Promoted – The Importance Of Being Replaceable

Part of a series of articles on How To Get Promoted. For you to be promoted with your current company you will need to be easy to replace. Are you and what can you do if you would be difficult to replace?

How To Get Promoted – The Importance Of How You Dress

Part of a series of articles on How To Get Promoted. Whether we like it or not, we all judge the people around us by the way they dress and look. Understand how the way you dress can prevent you from getting promoted and climbing the next rung on your career ladder.

Getting Promoted At Work – The Importance Of Having A Plan

Part of a series of articles on How To Get Promoted. Fast track your career through having a plan. If you don’t know where you are trying to get to, you may never get there. Having a plan will get you promoted faster and allow you to be more focussed in where you put you effort. Are there career shortcuts or a predefined path other people have used previously?

Getting Promoted At Work – The Importance Of Being Reliable

Part of a series of articles on How To Get Promoted. It’s boring but being relibiable is an essential part of what a manager needs when promoting staff. No matter how incredible your skills if they can’t rely on you then choosing you for that next rung up the career ladder is a long shot.

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