How Much Does Bluewhisper Make On YouTube (Estimated)


How Much Does Bluewhisper Make on YouTube

Bluewhisper is an ASMR artist with more than 1 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

She has 694,343 views on the video “PILLOW HUGGING SOUNDS & PERSONALITY TEST!! (Highly Sensitive Tingles)”. Her most viewed video, “Sleeping with a Friend! 😍😴😷 💤 ASMR Roleplay & Sleep Sounds” has been viewed more than 3.1 million times since being uploaded two years ago. YouTube pays content creators a share of the advertising revenue from ads that run before their videos and a cut of the sales if viewers click on those ads and buy something within 24 hours.

Based on her average view count and usual ad earnings per view, Bluewhisper more than likely makes somewhere in the neighborhood of $9,000 a month on YouTube.

How does Bluewhisper compare to the average income of a Youtube celebrity?

According to a survey conducted by Variety, the average salary for the top 7% of creators is around $300,000.

For perspective: PewDiePie, one of YouTube’s biggest stars and the #1 highest-paid YouTuber, made $15 million last year.

As for Bluewhisper – we just don’t know! She’s not a founder or CEO of YouTube, so her salary isn’t published.

She hasn’t revealed how much money she makes, and we couldn’t find any reliable estimates.

No one can say – you’ll just have to watch her videos and imagine how many pillows she hugs every month.

Making Money on YouTube

Anyone can be a YouTube star.  

The platform has made household names out of ordinary people, like Bluewhisper, who share their talents and opinions in front of the camera. You could be next!

Of course, you’re not guaranteed to become rich and famous just by uploading videos online. It’s all about getting people to watch and like your content.

Here’s how:

1) Create compelling videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world – so you’ll need to make sure people can find your channel when they’re looking for it. That means avoiding “keyword stuffing” and working on your SEO so that people can easily find your work when they’re searching for it.

2) Get viewers to subscribe to your channel. As Star Trek’s Mr. Spock would say, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. That means building a large, loyal fan base who are willing to subscribe and keep coming back for more videos.

3) Sell things people want to buy. In Bluewhisper’s case, her loyal viewers seem to be interested in ASMR videos and pillows.

4) Make money from ads. YouTube shares advertising revenue with its top content creators so you can earn a pretty good side income from your videos – as long as lots of people watch them and click on the ads.

The Most Profitable Kinds of Videos for Affiliate Marketing

Now you know how to make money on YouTube, but what types of videos are most profitable?

According to an analysis by TubeFilter , these were the top 5 types of videos in 2016:

Entertainment (drama/comedy): 6.7 billion views Gaming (walkthroughs or Let’s Plays): 2.3 billion Animal videos: 1.3 billion How-To’s or DIY projects: 1 million Challenge videos (pranks, dares, etc.): 844 million

What are the most profitable YouTube ads?

It depends on your audience and what they’re interested in buying. Some of the most popular types of videos for affiliate marketers include product reviews, life hacks, makeup tutorials and unboxing videos.

Most affiliate marketers agree that product-focused videos do the best. That means talking about what you like or don’t like about a product or service, demonstrating how to use it (if applicable) and offering your thoughts on whether you would recommend it to other people.

Watch this video to Learn about Earning From Youtube Without Creating Your Own Videos


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