How Much Does Boss of the Swamp Make on YouTube

IT Contracting – 5 Tips For a Successful Career

The prospect of leaving permanent employment to go contracting in the UK can be quite daunting. Concerns can be quickly alleviated by researching how to get started in contracting and also by understanding what to expect when you go contracting.

What is the Future of the Paralegal Career Field?

The future of the paralegal career field is strong, but there is always competition for these jobs. To make sure that you can make the cut once you have finished paralegal school, keep practicing your writing, and try to develop contacts within the paralegal world.

Do You Need Job Interview Coaching?

Job interview coaching has become significant in helping you prepare for the possible employer interview questions. It also helps you maximise your chances of getting hired by transforming you into the candidate that employers want to hire.

CNA Test – Finish Your Skills on Time

The CNA test is nerve racking for most and most of those nerves are concentrated in the 25 skills you need to know for it. Memorizing 25 skills sounds like a daunting task but with preparation and a few tips and tricks you’ll do just fine. Depending on what state you reside it the skill portion of the CNA exam will consist of three to five randomly chosen skills.

CNA Study Guide – Organize and Reduce Test Stress

There is a common thread that links all CNAs – stress about taking our certification exams! Training to become a CNA is effort enough – 6 weeks of training, clinicals, tests and quizzes – it’s a big accomplishment.

The Blue Card Ensures Safety Education on Australian Construction Sites

Blue Cards were introduced into Queensland to reduce the risk and hazards of working on a construction site. Blue cards have now been superseded by the national White Card Construction Induction.

Five Advantages of an Export – Import Career

Want to start your own career free from the hassles of the everyday grind? If you are tired of working for other people, and you think that you can make a better living on your own, then what you need to consider is finding the right products to sell.

Are You Burned Out?

Are you burned out from all the demands of your job and life? If so, there are steps you can take to eliminate that feeling from your life. You have to take care of yourself in order to continue to care for others. Take it from a “burn out” expert.

Redundancy Can Be a Time of Challenge As Well As Opportunity

As well as being a challenging experience, redundancy can be a time of great opportunity. Being made redundant can be an opportunity to consider a different path for the future such as retraining, starting your own business or even having a mini retirement. One way of helping with both the challenge and the opportunity of redundancy is to experiment with new experiences whilst we are deciding on the right path.

Luxury Lexicon – Tongue in Cheek

Every field has their own unique vocabulary. Doctors don’t call them bruises. They are contusions. Lawyers refer to retainers. We know them as expensive, down payments for secured services.

5 Ways of How to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

In my more than three years of working as a Virtual Assistant, I now find it easy to search for clients and eventually get hired. When I was starting as a VA, I must admit I struggled in getting clients.

Online Adjunct Jobs Are Lucrative

If you are unemployed and needing to replace your recently lost corporate income, and you have an earned graduate degree in a core area of academic study such as English, history, math or psychology, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that online adjunct jobs are lucrative. The source of this income is the very large numbers of new and returning college students seeking to improve their chances for a better career position or initial job by acquiring extra training in some emerging field or by earning the college degree they started pursuing years ago.

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