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Benefits of Temping

Some people still regard temping as a stop-gap. It is something that students do or young people who have just entered the workplace, whereas other people don’t do it, according to this myth. But in fact this concept of what temping is, is just so old fashioned. It is in fact a great way to work and can offer so much flexibility.

3 Stunningly Simple Ways to Sidestep Confusion and Identify the Work You Love – Authentic Work Tips

Are you thinking about changing careers but are not sure what you want to do next? It still breaks my heart to see smart and dynamic women become stopped by confusion from fulfilling their sense of purpose. Instead of making changes, they make excuses, instead of growing they start growing old. At the peak of their personal and professional power, they ignore their real strengths and become undermined by a stream of doubts and conflicts. Has this happened to you? The good news is, confusion is just a smoke screen and clarity is nearer than you think. Here are 3 stunningly simple ways to see what is on the other side:

3 Catastrophic Mistakes Women Over 40 Make in Career Transition and How to Avoid Them

Are you at the peak of your wisdom, skill, and insight, yet not getting the recognition you deserve? Do you feel frustrated by not being able to inspire others to effective action, or by a growing sense of purpose and desire for joy without a means to fulfill it? This can be a time of profound change, but can also be the time when many women give up and internalize their disappointment. How to avoid common mistakes women over 40 frequently make in seeking work that reflects who they are more accurately.

Recession – 9 Ways to Increase Your Value at Work

During this economic downturn, no one can presume their job is safe from a layoff. While thousands of layoffs have been occurring on an almost daily basis, there are others that may be able to dodge the bullet with some minor changes in how they view their job.

10 Things You Can Do to Screw Up the Job Interview

This tongue-in-cheek article reviews some common mistakes many interviewers make. The market is tight, and it’s only going to be more competitive. Do yourself a favor and avoid derailing your candidacy with this type of self-inflicted damage.

Tech Savvy Teens – Should They Be Selling Fast Food?

Many teens find their first job in fast food restaurants and that’s great. There is much to be learned and I have certainly been grateful for their services more often than I care to admit. However, with the world at their fingertips via the internet, might there be a better more entrepreneurial road for some to start down?

Looking For Paid Internet Jobs? How to Find the Top Internet Jobs

A lot of people are looking for paid internet jobs in this economy, so how to you find the right one for you? Finding top internet jobs is going to be a different process for everyone.

Career Advice – Make Sure Your Career Goals Are Realistic

It is very difficult for any of us to be totally realistic about ourselves. Yet the nearer we come to a state of realism concerning our strengths and weaknesses, as well as our problems and our opportunities, the better our chances of attaining our career goals.

You’ve Been Rejected and Don’t Have an Offer – What’s Next?

It’s an important question – and never more so than in today’s market. What’s next – when your resume doesn’t receive an interview; your first round doesn’t lead to a call-back; your final round receives a polite rejection?

How Henry Ford Became a Success in Business

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Charles Goodyear are legends in the world of business. Yet, they were not the only persons trying to achieve success in their fields. Why is it that they rose to great heights of fame and fortune while their competitors are largely unknown and forgotten?

10 Ways to Deal With Job Loss

As every day brings news of job losses, it is only natural to be concerned about whether this will affect you or your loved ones. There is some hope. Although the number of job opportunities is smaller, there are companies who are actively recruiting and others that are adopting creative measures to retain jobs. If, though, job loss is inevitable try these 10 tips to get you back on track.

First Steps to Becoming a Secretary

Many people think that to become a secretary you have to take specific secretarial courses at College. Well, that is certainly one way to becoming a secretary, but if you aren’t too interested in going to college for any length of time, then there are other routes that you can take.

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