How Much Does Brian’s Lawn Maintenance Make on YouTube

When in Transition, You’re a Salesperson – So Act Like One

At a recent networking meeting of fifty to sixty senior executives, all VP and C level, which included a mix of all corporate functions the following question was asked: “How many of you are in sales?” Only about 10% raised their hands, until someone flippantly yelled out, “We are all in sales.” The rest of the group then caught on and hands starting going up. Still, only about 50% raised their hands.

Getting a Police Application Form

Anyone who wants to become a police officer will first need to get a police application form in order to do so, they will find that the questions are more in depth than those that are on a normal job application form. This is because there are specifications you have to meet to become a successful candidate and to go on to the police training.

More Layoffs on the Way Into 2010 Says Obama – Stress is Taking a Toll

It’s too easy to accept the status quo until it’s too late. Someone makes the decision for you – and that is usually unemployment. Being proactive will channel the job-related stress in your life in a positive direction.

Are Others Being “Promoted” Right Over Your Head?

As we are getting deeper and deeper into our current state of economic recession, the jobless rate steadily increases. For those are fortunate enough to still be employed, promotions are becoming more and more a thing of the past. It isn’t common to hear of promotions within the corporate office. What is uncommon to hear are promotions at the lower levels of a company, those that are the “bread and butter” of the company, working for years to only retire and live on 40% of their earner salaries. Does that seem fair to you?

6 Reasons Why Graduates Suffer Bad Performance Reviews

A recent poll of 200 recruiting managers in the US, UK and South Africa asked for opinions on how graduates perform in their first jobs. The conclusions are surprising: lack of experience IS NOT the main reason for poor performance. Here are the TOP 6 reasons why.

Hate Your Job? What Do You Do?

So what do you do if you can’t stand your job? Well you don’t quit, at least not until you’ve got something, hopefully better, lined up.

Jobs For Teachers – High Tech

A generation ago, most students got their first introduction to computers through a quick class in high school – if they were lucky. These days, students are more likely to be programming computers by the time they reach high school. This rapid expansion in computer literacy has created a growing market of high-tech jobs for teachers.

Nursing Assistants – 7 Tips For Encouraging Lifelong Learning

There’s no doubt about it: lifelong learning is key to both professional and personal growth. But, your nursing assistants won’t “buy into” this belief if it’s just a meaningless mission statement, stuck in a frame and hung on the wall. Instead, it needs to be a way of life at your organization. So, how are things at your workplace? Do your nursing assistants love to learn? If not, you may want to follow these 7 tips for creating a workplace atmosphere that encourages learning.

Career Building – Stage 1

The time to start your career is now. The news is now reporting healthier signs of new jobs and upward movement. To build your career we need to look at the foundations as a strong career is built from this point.

Dealing With Workplace Bad Actors

Have you been having problems at work, namely problems with your boss or your coworkers? If you have, you are not alone. Workplace conflicts are common worldwide. When faced with a workplace conflict, you need to be careful. Your your actions may have consequences.

All You Should Know About Young Bikini Models

All you should know about bikini models can be summed up as follows. Women’s swim suit is the bikini and it has two parts, one that covers the breast and the other covers the groin part.

The Corporate Monsters

I found myself with a lot of advertisers and a lot of visitors but not nearly enough content. Should it be so difficult to start up an online publishing business. Sometimes we can let our dreams get in the way of our progress.

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