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What’s Your Job Position Worth?

With so many of you considering new employment, or who have recently accepted a new position somewhere – this seemed like a good topic to cover … What’s your job position worth (as others read your resume they surely do have an opinion, what about your opinion?)

Voice Over Acting – A Guide to Success in Finding Work

Discover the elements of being a successful voice over artist. Find out if you really do need to be an actor.

With the New Year Comes New Possibilities

With the New Year comes new possibilities, new career, new way of life and the time to give up the day job. There has never been a better time to Work for yourself.

Corporate Questionnaires – The New Gateway to Creating Job Security

Today’s job seekers need more than strong resumes and cover letters to be granted even an initial job interview. Corporate questionnaires are the new gateway to creating job security. These corporate questionnaires are extensive, time-consuming, and they can be overwhelming — unless you have the inside scoop to help you prepare for the questions you may be asked.

Don’t Let the Recession Put You Out of Work – The Construction Industry is Still Thriving

The recession is here and the building trade has taken a hit; no matter what people are saying the work has definitely died off. I am managing myself to keep going because people are still building and the work is still there but there are a lot more people after the same work so that’s why there is a shortage. Just not enough to go round.

How to Be Successful in a Job Interview

What often differentiates two equally qualified candidates for a job is the ability of one of the candidates to sell himself or herself more effectively. Your job as a candidate is to convince the interviewer that you are the obvious choice.

Background Check For a Job – Be at the Top of Your Game

When employers are running a background check for job related information, there are a few things they will be looking at, and therefore, there are a few things you should be prepared to explain and/or answer questions about. It’s very important that when this background check for job advancement or even hiring is performed, you are at the top of your game, prepared to answer any question, knowledgeable, confident and reassuring.

Why Employers Say “I Cant Afford to Pay You More Money” and What Do About It

The first fact for you to keep in mind when your told that your Employer cant afford to pay you more money is this. If your employer wanted to, they could give you a pay raise and here’s how to get them to give it to you.

Job Background Check – Make it Work to Your Advantage

When being told about the possibility of having a job background check performed before getting a job or even a promotion, many of us might get scared or worried about what this kind of check might mean or even reveal. But while this will probably look at some of the most important information in your life, a job background check, if used to your advantage, can help you improve your position.

How to Improve Your Chances For Promotion

Career advancement and promotions don’t just happen. You must carefully plan to be promoted and work smarter than others to move up in any organization. Here are some things you can do to improve your chances for promotion.

Acting Career Success – Creating the Best Marketing Materials

Your Marketing Materials are the items you use to sell yourself as an actor. These items need to speak for you when you aren’t in front of the casting director or agent. These materials include your headshot, resume, postcards, demo discs and reels.

You Can Have Unlimited Career Abundance!

Do you want to make this year your best ever? Isn’t it time you earned more money, got more promotions, and earned the career respect you deserve?

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