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Occupational Therapy Jobs – The World is a Better Place Because of OTs!

Occupational therapy has a colorful history very interesting to study. The application of physical therapeutic agents can be traced back to ancient times, 100 years before the birth of Christ, to be exact. Asciepiades, a Greek physician, used therapeutic baths, music, exercise, and massage on his patients with mental illness.

Career Women Climbing the Ladder – Is it Really Worthwhile?

When we look at the information now available about women and heart disease we have to ask if climbing the career ladder is really worthwhile. Or is it more the way we do it?

Becoming a Marketing Recruiter in New York

New York is the third most populous state in the United States. This state also has a city which is known as the New York City and it is the biggest city in the state. This state is quite popular for the status it has in the financial, transportation, manufacturing and cultural centers.

3 Tips to Negotiating a Great Salary in the Medical Device Industry

You may feel uncomfortable with the idea of negotiating a salary when you first join a new company, but research shows that settling leads to long term monetary loss and job dissatisfaction. Here are a few tips for effectively negotiating a salary that reflects your value.

Success in Your Direct Sales Business

How effective are you at sales? How many skills do you need to be good at in order to be effective? Where do you start improving your sales skills?

Finding Jobs in Public Relations

Jobs in public relations are one of the highest paying jobs but then again being able to get a job in some big firm or organization as a public relation employee is a very difficult job. Building up your own portfolio and thereby increasing your chances of being hired will help you secure your position.

Job Description of Corporate Communications Recruiters

Corporate communication, today being one of the most important verticals of any organization, need extremely efficient people with high level both emotional and intelligence quotient. Finding people with just the right mix of talent and dedication is a tough job and hence, organizations approach corporate communications recruiters. These recruiters are either an organization or an independent agency, which specialize in finding out the most suitable candidates for the corporate communication profile.

Human Resources Jobs in New Jersey

Human Resource jobs in New Jersey, Jobs of such kind are available in plenty around the region, but for people who are interested in Human Resource jobs in New Jersey should know the right place to visit to give them a relevant chance to grab such opportunities. People can apply directly to the companies or else can try applying through any of the Consultancy firms over there, but applying through a consultancy doesn’t come free of cost.

The Trail Approach – Business Plan Review and Vision Casting on the Hiking Trail

Where do you plan your business? For me, I do my best thinking and long term planning on the trails. I LOVE hiking. I love to be outside, far away from phones and the internet and my office and really let my brain go. This is where I have come up with some of the best ideas for my business over the years.

Becoming a Florist in 6 Steps

Interested in becoming a florist? This article outlines ways to become a professional.

What to Do If Your Students Insult You

Just as you cannot expect to get along with everyone you meet, you cannot expect to be liked by every student you teach. However, when a simple personality clash becomes more personal and you are the victim of a verbal attack by a student, you do need to take it seriously.

Resume Blasting – What Can it Do For You

What most people usually worry about is the fact that in such little time how will they go about posting their resumes to so many different sites and also check up the job prospects that are also around. The greatest invention of all the time – the internet is the answer to your worry.

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