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Insecure Arrogance

Do you work with people who act like they know everything? Or don’t want to hear an opinion that differs from theirs? Ever have to make sure the boss thinks your ideas were his? Managers who ignore new ideas (or act out at those who present them) are sometimes described as decisive or strong willed. I think they are actually displaying what I refer to as insecure arrogance.

Explore Rewarding CNA Careers During National Nursing Assistants Week

Explore rewarding certified nursing assistant (CNA) careers during National Nursing Assistant Week. Find out how to become a CNA, career details, and more.

Is Your Story the Story Others Tell?

What is your story? If you had to give a speech about yourself that would take 5 to 10 minutes, what would you say?

Valley of Indecision

What happens if you love what you do but you can’t do it anymore? Doesn’t seem to matter if you are the best at the skill.

What Are Your Strengths?

Can you name your five top strengths? How applicable are these strengths to your current position (or the job you are looking for)? Do they describe a skill or strength?

How Do You Prepare For a Career Change?

Depending on your aspirations, it is better for you to start acting sooner – while you have a paid job – in case you want a career change. Make sure that the future professional transition will be accomplished easily. For that you can consider some of the following indications.

Graduate Career Growth – Gaining Promotions

As many graduates discover, the home-and-dry feeling once they secure a graduate job does wear off quite quickly. The workplace, however pleasant and friendly, is often competitive to some sort of degree.

Achieving Extra Fine Quality

When I was consulting at an historic auction house, I held a 155ct natural sapphire in my hand. The gemstone was the size of a golf ball…and magnificent. The stone was given the highest rating of “Extra Fine” quality. The value and projected estimate for the gemstone was in the millions of dollars.

Beware! The Economy is Rendering Employees Obsolete

If you are expecting your job to come back, then you are in for a rude awakening. Jobs that were lost during the economic breakdown are not coming back but here’s something you can do about it.

Trust Me

I don’t think so! Trust is never broadcasted for others to assume. It is earned over time. It is based upon your actions and attitude, not your arrogance, age, or wallet.

When Do You Mention Your Product,Service, Or Business Opportunity?

There are many answers to the above question and everyone has their own take on it, but this one has stumped beginners everywhere. And because so many people have confusedly asked me this question, I thought I’d share my answer.

You’re Stuck on an Airplane For Hours

You are sitting on an airplane for 2-1/2 hours waiting for the plane to be next in line for take off. Your flight is going from New York to Singapore (approx. 21 hour flight). Who would you like to be sitting next to?

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