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Mid-Life Career Crisis? – Combining Heart (or “Soul”) And Mind to Find Your Unique Advantage

If you’re experiencing a midlife career crisis, it is helpful to know that the trend for new careers is to combine your talents (ideally left-brained and right-brained, often seemingly unrelated) to find your unique “niche,” or area of expertise. Then you want to go “a mile deep and an inch wide” with it. Combining the heart or “higher self” with the mind or “personality self” is what will help you find your unique brilliance and unprecedented success.

Making Work, Work For You! Discover Career Development Tactics

I recently read about the Hawaiian tradition of Ho’oponopono and was particularly interested in one of its principles which is: “I am 100% responsible for all that I experience.” What a powerful concept for those focussed on career development because you, and only you, can create your desired work situation.

Overcoming The I Know Syndrome

While perusing YouTube, I came across a series of videos featuring world class pianist and conductor, Daniel Barenboim, giving a master class on Beethoven’s sonatas. The interesting thing is that the “students” were world-famous and highly acclaimed pianists in their own right. Maestro Barenboim would listen to them play the sonata — which sounded as well-played as I had ever heard — then he would critique these fine performances and coach the musicians on how they could make the piece truly magnificent.

Are You an Expert and Don’t Realize It?

Sitting in a 9-5 job now-a-days is like suicide. With the talent and skills you have gained over the years on the job, it’s time to use that to your advantage. Think about it, your skills have helped your employer in more ways than you realize. If your employer was not benefiting from your talent, they would not have kept you around all this time. You can use or hone that talent to make much more than what you are currently earning. If you believe that is all you can get and that is all you are good for, then you are right. The easy route is to stay the course and not make waves, by continue to make decisions that have a predictable outcome and minimal threats to your world.

Asking For a Pay Raise During Economic Tough Times

There is a strong connection between employee performance and the incentives/rewards offered to/received by them from their employer. Employers and employees have a working relationship that is governed by this connection. It is very important to keep this in mind because employees constantly evaluate the fairness of how they are treated.

General Information About Video Game Designing

Game Designing is the art of creating layouts and attributes of a video game, getting by with the small yet significant aspects for example, characters, levels, scoring, plot, and other graphical and animated parts. The person responsible for these task is known as a game designer. To be a game designer, a person has to be constructive and artistic, with heavy coding and programming skills.

Remove the Pressure – Build Yourself Up Before Your Interview

It is difficult enough talking to a total stranger at a social event or even the grocery store, and it becomes increasingly difficult when you are being interviewed. More often than not, the pressure is even greater during an interview, as you have to impress this person with hopes of getting the job. This pressure gets increasingly worse when you are unemployed and the family is counting on you to put food on the table.

How to Become an Professional Event Planner

Are you a highly organized individual? Do you love to take the reins when a party or wedding comes up and find yourself doing most of if not all the planning? Do your friends and family come to you for help when they are planning a party or other special occasion? If so then becoming a professional event planner may be up your alley.

How to Become a Legal Secretary

A legal secretary is responsible for a number of things at a law firm. Some of the typical duties of a legal secretary include answering the phone, answering e-mails, filing documents, preparing documents for court, and maintaining a law library. Legal secretaries are the best of the best when it comes to dealing with clients and being organized. For individuals that have these skills and love to work around the law, a position as a legal secretary can be a great way to make a living. But how do you get started?

How to Get a Job in the Big 4

There is a unanimous belief that a Big 4 company is the best way to start a career for accountants, financial consultants, tax specialists, etc. Most of us are well aware of those 4 brands: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst&Young and KPMG. Of course this highly regarded reputation makes it more difficult for job seekers to secure place at those firms. To better understand whom they are looking for and get some help for being hired by Big 4 go through below list of useful points

How to Commit Career Suicide

Picture this…you are having an amazing career. You are working on some of the most exciting work ever. You just love your job. You are well rewarded because you work hard, you are reliable and trustworthy and most of all you take a few risks, keep your promises and deliver more than what is expected.

Go Green For Your Future Career Path

Green careers are on the rise in popularity now. How can I go about getting a green career is the big question for a lot of individuals that are out of work right now. Thanks to the new spending spree by the US government in the next few years to to essentially create a whole new job market.

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