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Why You Should Become an Auditor

The field of accountancy is very broad and there are a lot of career choices within this field. Auditing career is one of them and an auditor plays a key role in the success and failure of a business. This is a profession with unbelievable growth and if you like to play with numbers and possess logical skills then auditing may be your thing.

Detailed Information on a Veterinary Technician

In the present day world, owning of pets has become very popular. But keeping of pets requires superior veterinary care. Who can provide such care to animals owned by the individuals? The simple answer is a Veterinary Technician, who is trained in this field to provide quality care to these pets.

Everyone Is a Leader – 24/7

I believe that everyone is a leader-not just those that have a fancy title. “In a world that is changing as rapidly as this one, we need to think differently about leadership,” says Susan Collins, author of Our Children Are Watching: Ten Skills for Leading the Next Generation to Success. “Leading is not done by those few in high places, but by parents and teachers and managers and those governing-all working together to create the world that we want…”

Dental Assistant: Career Brief

Dental Assistants acts as the licensed dentist’s extra hand by assisting him/her in providing efficient dental treatment. They also help and reduce treatment workload of the dentist, thus facilitating dentist to perform in a more efficient way.

Writing Articles For Money – 3 Reasons To Start Doing It Today

When it comes to earning money online there is a lot scams and so-called get rich quick schemes designed to get your money. Making millions online is not nearly as easy as many people make it out to be. Earning a decent full time income however is much more realistic and much easier to do.

Performance Coaching Helps Develop Talents Into Strengths

One of the most valuable aspects of performance coaching is developing talents and abilities into strengths. Focusing on strengths not only improves employee performance, but also enhances morale and job satisfaction.

Tips To Plan A Good Career Search

A better career is what helps you to support your family and children. This article provides some tips on how to select a career.

Thinking About A Career In The Medical Field

Many people are tired of going to work doing the same thing over and over for years. It is never too late to change your career path.

I Didn’t Have The Business Knowledge To Avoid A Medical Practice Career

Are the large numbers of physicians leaving medical practice today related to the fact that what they were getting into was never made clear to them? What a career in medical practice guarantees you today is often not at all what was expected, nor planned on, nor the same dream one has at the start. Being told the actual and practical consequences of a medical practice career, are skillfully neglected by educational institutions. The downside of a life in medical practice, if known early enough, might very well prevent a significant number of potential doctors from tackling a career they won’t be able to succeed in. Surveys indicate now that about 40% of doctors today are completely frustrated with their medical career. Does that send you a clear message? Make you wonder why?

Never Resign Before It’s Time!

Recently, I received a follow up call after an introductory email from a mid-level restaurant operations director looking to make a change from a national brand in the northeast. We spoke at length about her professional credentials, restaurant operations experience (including her reviews and current standing with her concept), and her motivation for looking at another position. Uncertain economy notwithstanding, this was a rockstar candidate and one that I would usually represent eagerly. In fact, even in this market, I still considered representing her because her credentials and operations experience were tremendous. As I was about to say, “Sure, I think I can assist you in your job search,” this candidate tells me, “I already put in my notice and have two weeks before I am finished at my current restaurant.”

Tips for Operating a Successful Window Cleaning Company

Window cleaning is a business opportunity that is lucrative, but not over saturated with competition. Starting a window washing company is not difficult, but it does require more than a bucket and a vague idea. Operating a successful window washing company involves planning, training, and the drive needed to get any new business off of the ground.

Your Job, Personality and You

Many people find themselves stuck in a job that they just can’t get into. They spend hours at a time wondering and worrying about the fact that they just don’t seem to be in the right profession or that try as they might, they just can’t seem to fulfill their true career potential. Why is this?

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