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Niche Courses in Management Education

Peripheral fields have gained prominence and emerged as viable sources of employment for millions. And so, it is important that these fields are led by managers who are equipped with the skills that are necessary for their development.

Ask The Right Questions To Keep Your Career On Track

If we have a short-term project (e.g., get a job before severance runs out in 12 weeks) execution is relatively clear because the steps are laid out in sequential order and the short duration of the project leaves little time to lose focus. Get the resume in order. Draw up your contact list. Answer ads, network. Interview. Follow up. Repeat as needed. But if the project is long-term (e.g., overall career management) then the steps are not necessarily sequential.

Is Your Resume Headed for the Recycling Bin?

Companies are drowning in resumes. One of the first tasks is to get rid of as many of them as possible and pay attention only to those that appear to have value. That pass or fail decision happens in the first one third of the first page if it’s a human being screening the resumes. There’s not enough time in the day for them to spend more than that on each resume that doesn’t seem to have potential. Can yours make it through a brutal screening?

Career Advice – Knowing Your Strengths

If you’re having trouble coming up with a list, think about the activities you’re drawn towards. What are the items you tackle first on your “To-Do” list? What do you do that others tell you, “You make it look so easy?” If you’re still having trouble, ask the people around you what they see. You might be surprised at the answers.

Electronic Medical Records – Challenging the Medical Transcription Industry

Recently, the healthcare industry has been benefiting from the use of electronic medical records. Contrary to misconception, medical transcription is not leading to extinction yet because of EMR and other advanced technology in Toronto. Its benefits to the medical society still outweigh that of electronic medical records and voice recognition technology.

Do You Have What It Takes to Become an Exotic Dancer?

Earning money from exotic dancing is not as easy as it sounds. This job pays well and because of that, many women are aspiring to become a high-paying exotic dancer in an upscale gentlemen’s club. However, to actually dance in front of strangers can sometimes be frightening.

MBA Selection Committee: How to Succeed

The main concern of all those entering MBA: what are success factors? Part of applicants asks: What is most important among various factors: average score, GMAT results, letters of recommendation and a motivational essay? Others ask: what has more weight – average score, result of tests or work experience. All these factors are important, but their importance is relative. Let us examine them in detail.

NIFT Is the Best Platform for a Career in the Fashion Field

Fashion has become a part in our lifestyle. We are so particular in selecting clothes, footwear, watches etc. Some things will grab the attention of everyone. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is striving to develop fashion professionals in the emerging global scenario.

Find TEFL Jobs

There are many TEFL websites that provide information and employment opportunities for TEFL. It is the easiest way to find a TEFL job by researching through these websites.

Creative Career Change: One Essential Step Towards More Effective Problem Solving

If you are making changes to your career and work life, you will undoubtedly have many decisions to make and problems to solve. You may feel as if you should do more. Do more research. Gather more information. But are you using the resources you already have? Are you helping your brain to help you to be more creative?

Careers Options That Offer Bright Futures

If you are looking for a career field that has plenty of opportunity and a bright future, you have plenty of options. The following career fields are expected to grow in the coming years.

Could You Be a CNA? Certified Nurse Assistant Careers

CNA training is fast – and there are many jobs available. Would you be a good certified nurse assistant? Find out before you waste your money on training.

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