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Take Pride in Being a Nurse

You are sitting in your favorite chair while watching television. The movie you were watching just finished. You start flipping through the channels when a commercial attracts your attention. The commercial is about becoming a nurse.

Become a Registered Certified Nursing Assistant and Be in Demand

A much in demand profession, certified nursing assistants (CNA) are a critical part of a medical team. A CNA works under the direction of a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or a doctor. They use their education and healthcare skills to assist the nurses in a hospital, nursing home or other care facility.

Registered Nursing Jobs

Nursing is an exciting and challenging career filled with many countless number of professional and personal rewards. It is a noble profession where there exists a unique opportunity of combining compassion and humanity skills with the scientific knowledge. There are a very few such career options similar to registered nursing jobs that combine high touch with high classic.

Different Categories of Nursing Jobs

Has the thought of becoming a nurse ever crossed your mind? Do you always feel an urge to help people? If you answer yes to these questions, then you should consider becoming a nurse.

How to Become a Professional Investigator

Real field studies matter the most as compared to theoretical studies and there are several institutes available where one can apply for different types of training courses. Company with an experienced detective can be beneficial in the exploration of mind and ideas as well.

Online Nursing Degree – Perfect Fit For Busy Professionals

With the state of the economy in dire straights and jobless numbers climbing higher every month, may people are beginning to rethink their current career choice and want to do something in a growing field that seems to be recession proof. The one thing that maybe stopping the thousands of people who want to switch careers from doing so is the time or money; the combination would be the fact that they can’t quit their current job to attend classes.

The World of Nursing and What It’s All About

Nurses provide skilled health care to patients in a variety of health care settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted care homes, schools, day care centers, public health agencies or urgent care centers. Nurses must have a diversity of skills that include not only health care but health care management, counselor, advocate for the patient and at times, equipment technician. A career in nursing starts with the desire to help people.

Questions to Ask During a Performance Review – Make a Great Impression

Employees will be asked a lot of questions in their performance reviews. However, they should be asking just as many questions as they answer, which many people don’t realize. It’s okay for YOU to ask questions, and here are some suggestions of what you should be asking your boss.

Top Tips For Re-Entering Corporate Life After a Career Break

Feeling nervous about rejoining the corporate world after a maternity break? Feeling sidelined and wondering how to get back on track? Here are some tips for combining motherhood with a successful corporate career- without ruining your health.

Buying and Reselling For a Profit – Dos and Don’ts

If you are looking for a relatively easy to way to make money, you are encouraged to look into the buying and reselling of goods. If you are new to buying and reselling for a profit, keep reading on for some helpful dos and don’ts.

Last But Best Tips For Re-Entering Corporate Life

This is the final installment in my 3 part series on juggling motherhood with a demanding corporate career, without losing either your health or your sanity. This part is all about networking, bridge-building, understanding corporate politics and taking advantage of it.

Your Career Choices Never Wait

Life is moving quickly, especially when you’re growing up, becoming a teenager. It’s a tough time to make serious long-term decisions but you’ve got to do it or you’ll wonder where time went and passed you by. Is it college next or trade school. Today, Internet Marketing is another option to consider as a career choice regardless of age. Career change happens often for all of us.

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