How Much Does Carwow Make on YouTube

Making It Through the Online Application Process

Online applications are the norm when it comes to finding a job whether you are applying for a part-time job at a restaurant or a full-time job at a law firm. Use these tips to get through the process seamlessly. Create a “cheat sheet.”

Interesting Careers

You’re just not a desk-job kind of person. You don’t really like the 9-5 scheduled day. You would prefer to pay your bills at a creative, interesting, job. Thankfully, today there are many careers that keep your mind and your hands busy while also paying your rent.

Tattoos in the Workplace: Are They Acceptable Yet?

You were 18 years old and that brand new skull-and-crossbones forearm tattoo looked great. Fast-forward ten years, you’ve received a degree and you’re looking for a respectable, good-paying job.

Resumes and CVs

Before you begin looking for jobs, its best to put together your resumes. Wait, maybe it should be a CV. What does CV even stand for? Why are there two different documents for applying for jobs? When do I use which one?

Will Going Back to School Help Me Get a Better Job?

Having a degree, whether it is from a community college or four-year university, appears to make anyone more marketable in the job field. Yet, there are certain professions, like physical therapists, veterinarians, and optometrists that require their employees to have the advanced knowledge that’s associated with a postgraduate education.

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Let A Career Personality Test Help

In high school, teachers wanted to test our knowledge and measure our improvements in subjects and so they gave us tests. Even though it may have been a few years since high school and evaluative tests, it may bid you well to take a test or two when searching for a job.

What Does Your Body Language Say During and Interview

Interviews are a difficult process, and even for the most confident candidate they are normally hated. Interviews are often made worse by the fact that you can easily make a complete mess even if you are the perfect candidate and you have the best answers to all the questions. If you are prepared for an interview then you have a greater chance of being confident that you will be able to perform at your best, however you can still make a bad impression by getting your interview body language wrong.

How to Start a Housekeeping Business?

With a few supplies and a small team of employees, you can earn a good reputation among your customers by offering them top-notch housekeeping facilities that are safe and customized. Make sure the rates you charge are competitive to attract more potential customers.

What Is The Career Path Of A Business Analyst?

The business analyst is an important part of any IT project. They are primarily responsible for gathering the requirements of a project, documenting them, and communicating them to other team members. If you’re a business analyst, or thinking about getting into the field, you might be wondering about the career path of a business analyst. Read on to learn more.

Decide Exactly What You Want and Then Manage That Decision

If you want to advance in your career, you first have to make a decision. Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen. Learn how.

How Can A Career Coach/Advisor Help Me?

If you’ve gotten this far with your career, you may not feel the need for a career advisor/coach. Well, before you send them all away, maybe you’d like to know what they can and can not do for you.

New Zealand – A Brief History Lesson

New Zealand’s history dates back more than 700 years to when these islands were first discovered and settled by people from Polynesia. They sailed south by out-rigger canoe to New Zealand, and they first named it Aoteoroa, the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud.’ These people developed a distinct Maori culture with a focus on strong family relationships (Whakapapa), and a connection with the land (Tangewhenua). They were a tribal people, and lived on a plentiful supply of wildlife and fish (kai).

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