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Why Are People Dis-Satisfied With Their Jobs?

While it may be obvious to people who are unemployed, about to be unemployed or extremely unhappy in their jobs that something must be done, it is also true for many others but they don’t even know it. Although less apparent, people who can say no more than: “My job’s OK”, are usually giving the signal that a proactive job-search should be taken. That is because a job should be a thrill, not just an acceptable way of living. But if you are too busy earning a living to search for a new opportunity, how are you going to do it? Then there are people who want an increased challenge within the existing firm or find, that they, personally, have been too long in the same role.

The Retirement Myth

“Freedom 55” offers the utopia of helping ensure your financial house is in order so that in your waning years you can enjoy the delights of the better life good food, travel, entertainment and fun. Most of all it suggests freedom. But freedom from what? Implied is freedom from having to work for a living. “Freedom 55” and its kind suggest that with their help, you can relax for a living instead of working for a living. We would like to suggest otherwise.

Remedies Are As Simple As the Reasons for Job Dissatisfaction

There are three issues explaining the myriad of reasons why people are not thrilled in their jobs. They are consist of the relationship with their superiors, the need for increasing challenges and an individual’s temperamental disposition. This article discusses some remedies to alleviate these stresses.

Library and Information Science Becoming Popular

Library science includes archival science which deals with how information resources are organized to serve the needs of select user group.LIS is an interdisciplinary field that applies the practices, perspectives and tools of management.

The Importance Of A Good Resume To Hand Pick The Job You Want

Is a great resume crucial to obtaining employment? In my early experience, a resume was not always necessary to get the job. After a stint in the military, in the 1980s, I wrote my first resume using a basic template with a chronological format.

Getting Unstuck in Your Job Search

Are you about to or have you been conducting a job search? It is not easy these days. It has always been a process of getting past the “no’s” to the “yes” but that list of “no’s” has been much longer and deeper for the past few years. It is no longer a matter of having a good resume and sending it out to all of your network and everyplace you can find online. There is way too much competition for that to work anymore. It can be very discouraging. After a while with no or few prospects you can begin to feel very stuck indeed.

Specialty Merchandise Corporation: Not a Pyramid Scheme

For some reason, detractors out there have been labeling the SMC Corp. as a pyramid or networking scheme which have derailed a lot of possible entrepreneurs who’d like to set up their own business using the SMC system. For, the clueless and those who are putting the SMC name into bad light, here are the obvious reasons why the SMC is NOT a pyramid scam.

Capitalize on the Voice You Don’t Know You Have and Watch What Happens to Your Career

Most people are unaware that voice training is something they can do for their personal and professional development. No, it is not just actors and politicians who study with a voice coach. More and more people are discovering that they are not stuck with the voice they hear on their answering machines or voicemail.

Inspirational Leadership: “Why Did You Hire Me?”

Here’s a crazy idea: get a few minutes on your boss’ schedule and ask him or her why they hired you. If you own your own business, ask your key customers why they do business with you.

Job Offer On the Bulletin Board at Starbucks – Worth a Call or is It Another MLM?

We are told that unemployment rates are coming down now in the first quarter of 2011, and yet for some reason many of us are skeptical, as we all know folks perhaps in our own families who are ungainfully employed by anyone. In February of 2011 we were told that 192,000 people found work and out unemployment rate came down to 8.9% and yet, the rate of “under-employed” folks has now exceeded 23% by the best guestimates of the top employment analysts.

Guidelines For Teaching English

You can combine a love for the language and travelling by teaching this language in another country. If you have not taught English as a Second Language (ESL), there are some points to keep in mind.

What to Do When You’re at the Crossroads

Do you ever find yourself wondering what you’re going to do with your life? Should you take a job or stay at home? Should you pursue another career path or stick to it?

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