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How to Make Smart Career Choices

When planning your next career move, look for trends that will possibly require your present skills and abilities. Most likely you will need some addition education or training, but it will be focused in the right area. Look for the “sunrise” jobs (the new hot jobs with a growing demand). This article will spark some ideas which will help you focus on making smart career choices.

Year of Radical Change

All around me, friends and former colleagues are changing careers. Some are leaving the corporate world to be entrepreneurs. Others are going into teaching. And others, in spite of the gloomy headlines, are leaving teaching for corporate careers.

Keep it Simply Savvy – Today’s Business Etiquette

What is the difference between two individuals that are competing for the same job, client, or business deal that have the same background, education, technical skills, and a similar product or service? The difference it the small stuff. It turns out that in business, the worst advice anyone can offer is “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. It is the attention to detail and the small stuff that equal big business.

Health Care Degree – 3 Careers to Train For and Job-Seeking Tips

Following are three of the more popular – and relatively easy disciplines – in which to obtain a health care degree. You can train fairly quickly and easily, and make an excellent salary in health care, a career that guarantees job security for years to come.

Career Change – The Best Time For Changing Careers

Is it the right time for a career change at this point in your life? That is what many people are asking themselves during a mid life crisis. I know because it happened to me, it was not just a midlife crisis that led me to change my career. It was also because of my health.

Per Diem Or CPM?

Many drivers are still confused about this per diem situation, and rightfully so. Anything related to governmental taxes can be difficult to understand. So which plan is the best plan? Pay per diem or CPM?

Got Color? Got Job Security

Why is color so vital to job security and how can it better our chances of staying gainfully employed? The colors we wear account for 90% of that vital first impression we make, evoking an immediate response from others-be it positive or negative. We can take heart even amidst an economic downturn and rising unemployment. With color we rise above it all, powerfully exuding confidence and projecting that X factor so favored by employers and job interviewers alike.

Understand Your Boss Better – Tips For Appreciating Your Boss

Are you working in an enlightened company or law firm where employees feel comfortable managing their boss? Do the leaders in your organization fully support employees and remove any obstacles so that they can be effective and get things done?

Making the Most Out of Ground Level Career Opportunities

There are plenty of entry-level careers waiting for those contemplating a first time career or even considering a change of career. In spite of a slump in the economy, there are many exciting choices for a range of abilities and experience levels. Even if you are considering changing jobs, some lucrative entry-level careers you may want to look at are…

How You Can Make Your Boss Want to Promote You!

One of the best ways to get a promotion in your job is to be so good that your boss wants to promote you. The better you help your boss meet his/her goals and serve them, the more they will want to help you reach your goals.

Dental Schools – Commitment Necessary, Academic Requirements & More

A career choice is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. A lot hinges on it: how much money you will make, the type of life you will lead, the amount of free time you have, etc. If you are considering a career as a dental assistant, here are some factors to consider when choosing among the dental schools available to you.

From Law School to Law Firm

During that period, my dad forwarded me an interesting article by Harrison Barnes who apparently ran various legal career services companies. The article talked about targeted mailing and it also said that about 85% of jobs are not advertised and can be located through targeted mailing.

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