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How to Sell Yourself for Career Purposes

We might think that it’s only first-time job hunters or those lacking in self-esteem that don’t know how to promote themselves within the spheres of career development and job hunting, but that is far from the case. Even the most confident of us can have a mental barrier when it comes to “selling” ourselves to clients, stakeholders, those who hire and fire and those who decide who gets promoted. Experience is also irrelevant–however senior we are in our company or however many years of experience we have on our CV, this issue can still get to us.

Stand Out With An Excellent CV

A CV is always an essential requirement that a job applicant is required to submit, when making applications for different job vacancies. It further plays a crucial role in job interviews because it communicates to interviewers the kind of a person an interviewee is. When writing a personal resume, it is essential to be professional in your writing and include all relevant details that will offer a cutting edge against other job applications.

How to Find a Good CeMAP Training Company

Ok so you have chosen to enter into a career as a mortgage adviser. This is an excellent choice in the financial sector; however before you can go into it you need to earn a CeMAP qualification. Finding a CeMAP training company may not be as easy as you first thought when you begin to look around online.

Mistakes To Avoid Making When Interviewing For A Position As A CNA – Part 1

The interview part is probably the most critical step when trying to obtain employment in any field including working as a CNA. This is what you have worked for after taking and completing a CNA training class, passing the certified nursing assistant (CNA) certification exam, and creating a resume and cover letter. Once you get the interview from all your efforts, here are some interview mistakes to avoid so that you are a step closer to working in this field.

A Proper Mindset Is The Key To Getting Medical Coding Jobs In Tough Economic Times

A job seeker must disregard as much negative information often seen on television, heard on the radio, and published on the internet as possible, and identify and focus on sectors which are currently in demand, show strong growth, and provide long-term security. The healthcare industry and more specifically medical coding jobs possess these attributes and provide tremendous current and future opportunities. A great option for anyone currently unemployed or looking for a solid long-term career.

Focus On A Specialty To Maximize Medical Billing And Coding Salary

Gaining specialized knowledge separates medical billers and coders from the crowd. Having knowledge and experience in one or more specialties in the medical billing and coding field, reduces the competition for positions, makes you more valuable and indispensable to the employer, and in turn allows you to maximize your medical billing and coding salary. Simply put, you differentiate yourself by possessing unique skills and abilities that very few others have. they don’t have the time, and don’t want to spend the money to enroll in expensive courses.

Dealing With The Know-It-All Business Person

This one is a sore subject for me because I still do not have the solution. How do you deal with a business person who knows everything and lets their pride get in the way of new ideas and new opportunities? As most of you already know, I am developing a consulting business which currently handles mostly dentists and physicians since I have most of my training in those areas. These guys and gals really think they KNOW IT ALL! If only a few of them would swallow a little pride, their minds could open, and their businesses could thrive even more!

Stay Employed In A Down Economy

Being good at your job just isn’t enough. You need to promote yourself with the right people. Yes, it’s both what you know and “who you know” whether you work in a small or large organization that will help you stay employed.

How to Keep Yourself Motivated When Changing Your Career

First of all, let me say that if you are changing your career because you want to do something better, more satisfying, more rewarding, more “you”, then the issue of self-motivation should really not exist. If, on the other hand, you are at the point of changing your career but you don’t know which direction to go in, then motivation (or the lack of it) could be a good indicator of whether you are on the right track or not. If you wake up every morning and can’t wait to take another step towards getting that dream career of yours, you know that you are looking for something worthy, fun and exciting.

Landing Your First Consulting Project

Consulting careers are the one of the highest-earning professions. Online salary trackers peg the median salary for management consultants on a contract basis at approximately 10 percent higher than management consultants employed in private firms.

How to Successfully Work With an Executive Recruiter

Working with a recruiter isn’t just about forwarding your resume and hoping for the best. For you to land that winning position, you need to put forth some effort and work with your recruiter by coming to the table prepared.

Are You An Engineer?

The rate of employment for engineers is gaining speed rapidly as growth continues throughout our society. How do you know that engineering services is the field for you? Obviously growth is an important factor.

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