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Do Not Leave Your Summer Internship Without Doing This!

As your summer internship wraps up, job seekers will start their job search again. A loose ends to tie up at your current internship can help you land another or a full-time job.

Professional Values – What Do You Stand for in Your Career?

Are you building a career you can be proud of? Are your personal values aligned with your company? How do we know if they are aligned with our personal values?

The Economics of Teachers Earning a PhD

The dominant model of the economics of education is based on human capital theory. The central idea is that education is investment in business skills and knowledge to increase revenue, or provide long-term benefits, such as the appreciation of literature (sometimes called the cultural capital). An increase in human capital can follow the technological progress as the demand for qualified employees due to the need of their skills, literacy, both in understanding the processes of production or operating machinery.

How to Get a PhD in Education

Research shows that more than half of students starting doctoral studies do not receive a doctorate because the PhD can be a bad choice in the first place, or there may be a poor fit between the student and the program. But have faith! Extension work is usually exciting and positive.

How a Teacher Can Get a PhD Online

Online classes are mostly not “distance learning”, which often means the person who watches a lecture and completes the work at home. Online education today takes advantage of multi-media creations of interactive lessons and opportunities for collaboration among peers and library resources online to compete with brick and mortar colleges. In addition, while students had to connect once at specific times to listen to a conference, you can now sign up on line for your own convenience from anywhere with access to a computer.

Reasons Why Lifelong Employment With One Company Is a Thing of the Past

When you look at the different generations over the last century, you can see just how we have come full circle from where we were a century ago. When the Europeans first started influx into America during the early part of the 20th century many of them brought their skills with them. For and since, many of them in their home country would take their wares and put it on pushcarts and go from home to home sell their wares. Today, we are doing the same thing, only instead of standing on street corners we are working from home using our computers to sell our old wares from websites or storefront on the Internet known as e-commerce.

Security Guard Training – Do Security Guards Need To Go To College?

Security Guards are much needed resource in today’s world so naturally a growing population of people are trying to cash in on this stable and well paying career. Is going to college a requirement? Will it help you get a security guard job?

The Power of Resilience – And How to Cultivate It

We sometimes encounter obstacles at work; if we’re resilient, we’re able to overcome them – convince our boss to support our idea – get buy-in from the team, etc. This article looks at the importance of resilience – and how to cultivate it.

Your Management Consulting Internship – 6 Ways to Make the Most of It

Summer internships are a rite of passage for aspiring management consultants. Whether your ultimate goal is a job offer or just to try before you buy, here are six ways to make the most of your internship.

What Are Green-Collar Jobs?

Green-collar jobs have been all the rage a few years ago in the presidential race, but nobody is talking about them now. What happened? And what exactly is a green-collar job? This article will answer these questions and outline my opinion about the subject also.

Business Dream Team 101

How do I get to be president of a company? Or at least VP? What did person A do to get to his or her level? What do they know that I don’t? Does person B make good decisions? Why? How? What have they studied? How do they communicate so well? What do I have to do to get from where I am to where they are? I want to be a VP of technology? What path did person C take?

Who Is Your Support System Supporting

Have you ever had a dream that you were really excited about? Not just a dream, but concrete actions plans to make it all happen? You were ready to go. You had taken the first small steps. You had done your research. You planned for every contingency you could think of. Then bam, out of nowhere, a dear family member or friend says to you, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. It will never work. You’ll just end up hurt.” Immediately you find you are disregarding all your research and hard work, and instead you are second guessing yourself and all your decisions as well as your ability to make decisions. What do you do?

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