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Career Advice – 4 Tips to Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Good managerial decision making is essential for business to operate effectively. But how does a manager go about making good business decisions? Here are a few tips…

Career Advice – Tips For Surviving the Ever Changing Work Environment

In today’s turbulent and constantly changing business world jobs are constantly changing. So what are “Baby Boomers” supposed to do when some young Gen Y’er walks in off the street with the latest and greatest computer or internet skills and business school buzz words? Here are some tips for managing a mid career makeover.

Business Essentials – What’s in Your Office?

In this techno-savvy age, I am always surprised when I see a high-powered business person overwhelmed, running late and still using a regular cell phone. I’ll admit that when I was presented with the idea of switching to a Blackberry a few years ago, I bucked it. I also bucked having a dual monitor on my computer and a laptop with a VPN (virtual personal network). I was so used to working one way and was very efficient, so why change? But I urge you to think differently. The use of these three items has virtually changed my life.

Rule #3 – You Will Not Make $60,000 a Year Right Out of High School

Recently my 11 year old daughter Brooke brought home a list of rules offered to her by her best friend, Julia. Now, I have no idea where these rules originated and if memory serves me correctly, I’ve probably seen these rules as a forwarded email at least once or twice. But as I read them, I realized I really like most of them and I wished that all parents would agree and adopt these rules.

Present With Purpose

The New Hampshire statewide job fair on April 9, which resulted from a collaboration among WMUR television, Southern New Hampshire University, and the NH Department of Employment Security was one wild ride. Three to five thousand attendees were expected. By late morning 10,000 attendees had arrived exceeding the capacity of the Athletic Center at SNHU where the fair was held.

Best Careers For the Future – What Will Be the Best Job For You?

At Bastiat Free University we spend a great deal of time considering what the best future careers will be. This is not idle musing, it is important to every one of our students to have as strong a grasp on future employment needs as possible. Quality education starts with opening the mind, and it continues long after the student lands their first career position.

Competing For New Work is a Fact of Contemporary Professional Life

I recently took an informal poll of a handful of truly impressive lawyers, each a leader in their specialist domain. When asked their toughest challenge for the year, three out of ten nominated “competing for new work”. Another nominated “keeping clients in the face of intense competition”. Two more of the ten cited “being put into competition by established clients.”

Job Opportunities

It baffles me to see unemployed graduates roam the street without engaging themselves in one income activity or another. The only thing that could make graduates or college certificate holders to roam the street is incompetence. There are several jobs for skilled individuals. There are also individuals and corporate bodies out there that are ready to hire you.

Choosing a Career to Match Your Unique Talents

Everything we do requires that we use skills and talents. We tend to dismiss or downplay what we did and fail to realize how these transferable skills can be useful in a choosing a career.

5 Great Jobs For People Who Are Generalists by Nature

In the current specialization-oriented working world, where does a generalist fit in? By definition, generalists are good at many things, often simultaneously. Here are five positions where a generalist can be both effective and satisfied at work.

What Do You Do?

During a recent keynote speech at the Annenberg School For Communication at USC, I emphasized to a gathering of students and alumni that they should use great care when characterizing what they do for a living. For instance, if you label yourself a writer, in some circumstances you’ll be lucky to be paid a dollar per word, upon publication. That’s not bad if your articles are syndicated widely. But if they are not, you’re seeking starvation wages. I mentioned one of my most successful “writings” is a conversational path that I penned a number of years ago. By my admittedly imprecise metric, it has been “performed” in more than a billion phone conversations…

Portfolio Careers – 3 Considerations For Turning Seasonal Work Into a Living

Are you a nomad at heart? Wishing you could spend the different seasons in different geographies? Even more, do you get tired of doing one job all the time? Seasonal work might be just the solution for your doldrums.

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