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Career Moves – The 3 Best Career Moves to Help You Succeed

In this economically and financially crazy world we’re living in, we simply can’t afford not to succeed in our chosen career. Our job keeps us going, supports our needs, and most importantly, gives us worth. However, you won’t be happy with merely receiving the same paycheck every month especially now that prices of commodities are rising.

The 4 Most Effective Ways to Winning in Business

Business requires a lot of courage and quick thinking. However, you can lower your risks significantly by doing a number of things. There are 4 proven and effective ways on how you can maximize your earnings each time. Here the tips for budding businessmen.

Traveling Occupational Therapists

Traveling occupational therapists are changing people’s lives, and changing their own while they do it! When you have the opportunity to travel to various different countries and cultures, all while expanding your skills as an occupational therapist and earning good money, it seems like everything is in your favor.

Travel Physical Therapist – Placement Agencies

First of all, a placement agency that specializes in travel physical therapist jobs will be in a unique position to know exactly what you can expect. This allows them to give you details on the types of assignments available and how they are likely to move forward. This can help ease your mind as you’ll go into the job knowing what will come next and knowing you have support on your side.

What You Do Online Could Affect Your Job Search

If you’re an avid Facebook-er or Twitter freak or if you have a MySpace account you and you are looking for a job you should be thinking about what employers might learn about you from your online activities. Think that they wouldn’t be bothered to check?

Career Planning – The Benefits of Planning Your Career Early

Do you ever wonder why you have to take career guidance exams in high school? Why are there various clubs and organizations you can join in school? This is because they pave the way for you to plan your career early in life.

Top 5 Things You Can Do With an Associate’s Degree

You may think that an associate’s degree can’t open up as many doors for you as a bachelor’s degree. Think again.

Quietly Competent Doesn’t Make Partner Nor Get You Promotions – Here’s What Works

I remember it as though it was yesterday. A coaching client called to say that she was still an associate after being with the company for over a decade and couldn’t understand why, when she had done such good work all these years, she had not been promoted.

Does Your Job Application Take Light Years to Arrive?

I was a very poor student of science in high school. Thank goodness my wife has a university degree in biology; it is her task to work with our kids in these subjects. However, there is one thing that I remember from my classes in school, and I was just able to confirm it with a quick Google search: The time it takes the light from a star to arrive to earth is measured in light years, and the minimum (closest star to us other than the sun) in light years is more than four years.

Border Patrol Officer

Border Patrol Officers are the people who protect the borders of a country from smuggling, illegal immigrants, and keep the nation safe from people of other countries. When you pass through the border of a country, it is the border patrol officer that will stop you and make sure you have a passport and all other necessary paperwork in order to enter that country.

Work Conditions For Ski Instructors in Japan

Becoming one of the many ski instructors in Japan is definitely an experience to remember. If you don’t like the prospect of working while in a tempting vacation spot, you might change your mind when you discover the excellent conditions that are available to you if you teach skiing in Japanese winter resorts.

Should You Apply Even If You’re Not Qualified?

A friend of mine recently left his position at our former company to start his own business. He has 15 years of excellent work experience, including 10 years of managing others, and an MBA. His former job is now advertised online, and over the weekend I met a woman who had applied for it.

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