How Much Does Channeling Erik Make on YouTube

Getting Re-Hired by the Company That Laid You Off

As the economy starts to slowly get back on its feet, companies are also slowly starting to rehire. You loved your old job and would like nothing more than to be rehired by your former employer. How to get back on the short list when your company starts hiring again?

Associate’s Degrees Open Doors to 3 Rewarding Computer and IT Careers

An Associate’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or computer programming can open the door to rewarding computer or IT related careers, some of which pay between $50 and $80K. Read on for career profiles, salary information, and how to get started.

Irritated With Non Tipping Customers? Get Them to Give More Gratuity by Doing a Self-Test

Don’t you hate people who don’t give any tips even though you’ve done everything to please them? You get their orders right and to their table on time yet they can’t even spare a dollar for your efforts.

Must Know Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

We all need to work in order to make a living. Working is part of our daily lives and in which every adult is expected to be doing to show some value to the society we live in. The questions is, are you enjoying what you are working on and is that your dream job?

If Art is Your Passion, Fetch Out a Career in Graphic Design

Hey have you loved painting since childhood? If you have an affinity towards painting, fetch out a lucrative career in graphic designing. This field has vast scope in today’s world. It is fun too.

How Much is Too Much When it Comes to Careers?

We’ve been told to be assertive, and ask for what we want – but do we cross the line when it comes to our careers? As a former fundraiser, I was taught to ask for the money – we can’t expect people to read our minds or to hand over their checkbooks. And, I’ve seen enough ‘Oprah’ by now to know that, no, I can’t expect my husband to know that, yes, I really did want to get a huge bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, not just the card.

Figure Out Your Core Strengths to Have a More Fulfilling Career

Everyone is born or conditioned into particular strengths over others. We intuitively do better in some areas rather than others.

Love a Practical Job? Opt For an Auto Mechanic

Do you love to work with your hands? Are you a creative person? Are you up to the challenges? Are you in love with machines, specially cars? Then an auto mechanic (sometimes known as a car mechanic) job may be perfect for you.

Career Change on a Budget

Changing careers is not easy. There I said it. Yet, it’s not impossible.

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Sonography Professional

There are many requirements for sonography school, such as having a good GPA, previous courses completed and a satisfactory background check. There are some other requirements that any potential student should consider if they are thinking about getting a sonography degree, though.

What You Can Do to Help You Get Promoted

You spend a huge amount of time on your job and working at your career. Where do you want to take that part of your life? Most people who are trying to move up in their career want to get promoted. The additional pay and responsibilities are something that many want to have in the career of their choice. Sometimes it’s hard to get a promotion. Learn a few things that you can do that will help you out.

Career Change Advice – Master the Change Process in 7 Steps Guaranteed

Change is inevitable. Live long enough, and you will experience some type of change. In today’s “climate” of economic globalization and ever expanding knowledge and technological advances, it means we can experience some measure of change on a daily basis.

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