How Much Does Charlotte Dobre Make on YouTube

Surgical Technician Career

The Surgical Technicians are also referred to as assisting surgeons, surgical technologists, and nurses in a several different tasks in the operating room. The surgical technicians also help manage the operating room before a surgery, setting up all the equipments and sterilizing. The surgical technicians are also in charge of cleaning up the operating room, after the surgery is done.

Art & Art Related Careers

Various fine art graduates around the United States effort to look for services every year. All these young artists and professionals need to consider their desire to develop creative accomplishments with a need to earn their living. The art graduates do not want to settle for advertising and data entry positions, if they extend their career and employment searches.

Salary Negotiation Guide Teaches How to Build Rapport With the Boss

Your relationship with your boss could be the most important relationship you build within your work. Once you get to know your boss as a real person, a level of comfort and trust will be established early into the working relationship.

Job Interviews – Job Seekers Behaving Badly, Part One

A few months ago, I had coffee with my friend who was acting as a hiring manager for a busy medical business. Let’s call her Suzette. I asked her if she had any interesting stories about interviews she’d done.

What’s My Dream Job? A Simple Technique That Will Answer Your Question

How do you choose a career path when you have too much choice, too many options? Use this simple technique to figure out what you should be doing.

Top 5 Tips to Become a Virtual Worker – Part III – 2010 Virtual Workforce Series

I believe the next generation of virtual workers (Generation V?) will be found in our Generation Z graduates, innovative entrepreneurs representing Generations X & Y, and Baby Boomers not yet ready to fully retire. For students paying their way through school, those graduating with little to no work experience, or anyone else interested in the challenging virtual workforce industry, I’ve compiled a list of five important considerations.

Best Careers With Animals

Some people may be interested in finding the perfect animal related employment opportunities and careers. Some like to work for the rehabilitation of the animals while some prefer working in the laboratories to find cures for different animal diseases. You need to get through all the information as there are wide varieties of careers related to the animals.

Job Interviews – Something Important You Probably Don’t Know

When we meet and speak to someone at a job interview, their impression of us is based mainly on things other than what we actually say. Find out how to use this to your advantage.

Career, Vocation and Vision – Discover Your Life’s Calling

To work without a sense of calling is to literally work for nothing. Your vocation, or calling, is the vital, ongoing connection of your work to integrity, to significance, and even to God. Money, fame, and even success at work may sustain you for a while, but sooner or later, the greater part of you arises and yearns for its call.

Job Interviews – Job Seekers Behaving Badly, Part Two

Recently, I had coffee again with Suzette, my friend the hiring manager. I asked her if she had any more hiring horror stories to entertain me with and she certainly did. Here are a few…

Why Traditional Career Development Doesn’t Work

People thrive when they have opportunities to learn and develop into areas which deeply interest them. When people feel like the organization cares and supports career development during good and bad times, they respond with more energy, loyalty, and focus.

Improving Your Employee Motivation

Motivation within the workplace can be detrimental to the success of a company. It is important that we understand, as employers, how to properly motivate employees and get the desired results required within their position.

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