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Nursing Assistant – Avoid Being the Cause of Patient Complaints

Working as a CNA can be demanding and one of the many things you are going to learn about in training is about patient rights. This is something very important and crucial to your job. Patient confidentiality is something that is taken very seriously in many facilities and you are going to need to learn all you can to avoid being the reason a patient complains.

Be A Freelance Writer: Its Benefits

Becoming a freelance writer could be your way to financial liberty provided that you have the mind of an entrepreneur. More people are now seeing the potential of freelancing. Will you be one of them? Learn the skills to be a freelance writer.

Career Planning in a Down Economy – 4 Strategies to Find the Work You Love

In today’s economy, most people who are employed are glad to have ANY job – even if it is one they hate or feel unfulfilled in. Because having ANY job is better than having NO job, right? If this describes you, do you just resolve yourself to wait until the economy gets better before making a career switch? Or is there something you can do now – TODAY – to find the work you love?

Learning and Adapting As Keys to Success in a New IT Job

Beginning a new job as a PHP Programmer can be a challenging learning experience. This article hopes to take away some of the fear of fitting in, and give some realistic expectations about your new career.

10 Telephone Interviews Hint’s and Tip’s

All job interviews can be hard, but more commonly people find telephone interviews to be a greater challenge. This doesn’t have to be the case, telephone interviews are EASIER then face-to-face interviews because you cannot see the interviewer, you can actually pass your job interview wearing your PJs. To pass any interview successfully you need to prepare as preparation is the key for successfully job hunting.

Here Are 3 Ways to Earn a Promotion in the Next 6 Months

Most of us understand the benefits of a promotion. The fact that we are moving forward, and not standing still is a positive sign. In fact, most people who shoot for the status quo end up going backwards. Why? Doing nothing means that you are actually falling behind, and eventually you will become obsolete. When you are obsolete, you are replaced, and others wonder why it took so long to get rid of you.

Become a Relationship Coach of Laid Off Couples and Make Your Coaching Job Gainful Even In Recession

Money, or the lack thereof, is one of the stressors of married couples. The recession hit many couples with either both of them losing their jobs or just one of them becoming jobless in this tight economy. Become a relationship coach and help troubled couples overcome job loss and you’ll see much improvements in your coaching jobs. You will not only get to help them remain financially capable but you can also help them work as a team in their combat against negativity. Your results in this coaching program will bring you more coaching opportunities.

Is Your Career Hindered by Diversity on Display?

Career stuck in neutral? Can’t seem to get your ideas heard? It may not be your fault.

Is Medical Assisting A Good Career To Pursue?

Are you aspiring to be a medical assistant? Medical assisting is one of the fastest growing medical related careers today. Apparently, many have seen the benefits of this profession.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Home Based Data Entry Job

Thanks to the fact that the internet has become widely available and the fact that more and more people are succeeding in finding online jobs, having a home based data entry job is considered to be very good. However, not everything related to this kind of job or online jobs in general is that great, and there are many drawbacks you will need to consider before deciding on finding an online job. Having a home based data entry job really has both advantages and disadvantages, and here will be explained the most important of them.

Are You Executive Level Material? 10 Tips to Be More Promotable

Aside from your technical skills or job-specific abilities, there are other big components to climbing the corporate ladder. Learn the tips to consider in order to make it into the executive level suite.

Recession Proofing Your Career

In times of economic uncertainty competition for jobs becomes fierce and it’s important to be aware of how to protect and advance your career. Even those who have escaped the most recent economic crisis unscathed should take steps to ensure their career survival during future times of instability and uncertainty. Here are my five top tips for recession proofing your career:

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