How Much Does Chikara Transformations Make on YouTube

Inspirational Leadership Starts With Personal Responsibility

Benjamin Franklin had it about right more than 200 years ago when he rhymed: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” This is still not a bad habit to develop; for today’s leaders, I think the quest for personal inspiration takes you through three key areas similar to Ben’s list. The inspired leader today is conspicuously healthy and vital, visibly successful, and driven by inspiring personal values.

Former Recruiter Comments on Business and Opportunity

More people than ever are reevaluating their lives, taking risks and grabbing at opportunities to live out their passions and dreams! In this economy?! Yes!

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Raise at Work

When you are at work, you want to eventually get more money. This is done by getting a raise. Find out what you can do that will help you get more raises at your work.

A4 Card and Career

Business cards should be printed in A4 cards. The beauty and quality of your business card should never be sacrificed since it represents you and everything about your business card tells you about your attitude in work and life.

3 Strategies For Displaced Workers

As we all know, the recent economy has displaced a lot of workers from career paths on which they had been for many years. At one time, my town had a lot of mortgage professionals; these days, my town has a lot of former mortgage professionals. If you now find yourself in this situation, don’t be discouraged; there are several ways to move forward.

Specialised Field in Esthetics – Clinical Esthetician

The field of Esthetics is wide and varied. Instead of working as a professional in a day spa or salon, you can work in a specialised area, that is clinical in nature. A licensed clinical esthetician deals with clinical procedures. There are special training programs for anyone who is interested in this field of profession. In fact, all estheticians must be licensed by their state of residence and different states have different requirements.

3 Steps to Land Your Dream Job

Every one is trying to get the job of their dreams. Some succeed and some do not. There are no miracles here. It is a systematic process which is bound to bear the fruit in most cases. Given below are 3 steps which make your task easier…

Seven Signs It’s Time to Move On – When is the Right Time to Leave Your Job?

CPI pay rises only for the past three years? Been looked over for a promotion? How about your boss, does she value your skills and expertise? Or do you just hate your job. Getting the timing exactly right for moving on is very difficult to do and rarely possible. Each individual situation is different and it is important that, your decision is informed and that you get it right more often than not.

Wedding And Event Planning Courses Online Can Help You Make Your Career

Wedding and event planning courses are very essential for you if you aim at making a career out of it. Previously importance for these courses was not realized. Later when the important of events and weddings was realized by the people getting affected by them; more professional and literate people were being considered for the job. In olden days any body with some creativity was selected as an event planner or wedding planner. This was because in older years only the creativeness was given importance.

Ways to Get Paid From Shippers Faster

A common challenge freight brokers and broker agents face is collecting payment from a shipper. Traditionally shippers pay 30-45 days after a shipment is made, whereas the carrier will often expect payment much sooner.

Prove Your Professional Successes – Land the Job

Hiring has changed for small businesses. Job seekers can no longer get by with knowing the right answers to tough questions. Candidates must prove they are worth the risk.

Types of Accounting Careers

Usually, for one to have an accounting career, he or she would need to have an accounting degree first. Well, it gives us advantage when trying to look for a job, but if we didn’t have the change to get a degree, there is still available work for us to choose from. As long as we have the knowledge needed for the job, we can always have the accounting career that we want.

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