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How to Avoid Being Late For Your Phone Interview

It’s tough out there right now. Jobs are hard to find. Do you know how to prepare yourself for that all important interview? Read on; maybe some of these tips will help.

Admin Job: The Top 5 Skills You Need to Land Your Dream Admin Job

Administration jobs can be quite demanding and require quite a wide range of skills but there are 6 skills that are absolutely necessary. If you want to get an admin job, you should at least be able to do these 6 things and do them reasonably well.

Wellness For The Business Owner

If you’re like me, you might find running your business a tad stressful. Maybe you’re getting headaches from long hours in front of the computer. Maybe you can’t fall asleep at night because your mind is on overdrive.

Interviewing Techniques for a Job

There are certain techniques that can boost the chances of getting a job. Following these techniques in a appropriate manner makes things easier. Proper planning would help you to attend the interview in a better way.

Mentoring – The Power of Feedback Without Judgement

People who are mentored want feedback. Mentors needs to be honest and non-judgmental. This article tells why and how.

Should I Quit My Day Job Or Career?

Many desire to have their own businesses, as a matter of fact I saw a recent poll where as many as 70% said they would prefer to work for themselves. If you look at the turn of the century only about 1/3rd of the population worked for others. Then came the Industrial Revolution and more and more people became employed. Nowadays, we still our sending our kids to college investing thousands hoping our kids will get a good job and get on their feet one day. Unfortunately, for many the dreams of a big fat paycheck after college is not always the case.

Become a Stripper – How To Pick The Right Type of Club

If you want to become a stripper, do you know what type of club is best for you? There are three types of gentlemen’s clubs nude, topless, and bikini. This article discusses the differences between the licensing and operations of each type of club.

Become a Stripper – Step By Step Stripping Guide

If you want to become a stripper, you are going to have to know how to sell lap dances and VIP in order to improve your stripper salary. This step by step stripping guide is the perfect place to start learning how to become a top earning exotic dancer.

Can Plastic Surgery Help Your Career?

The baby boomer generation is aging and now often facing job insecurity or the threat of layoffs in this ever more competitive recession job market. Lots of baby boomers have been active all their lives and, even though they are older, are unwilling to become more sedentary, and they are attracted to any way they can find that might help them stay as young looking and feeling as they can.

Creating Career Change Clarity

Want to put an end to career doubt and confusion? Want to find the best job or business opportunity for you? Then perhaps you’d be better off to start creating your clarity instead of searching for it. More true callings are actually created as authentic businesses than discovered as already created.

Salary Negotiation Tactics

Everything seems to be going well after you have aced the job interview and you are handed an offer. However, when the salary isn’t what you were hoping for, you are left with wondering what to do. An option for you is to enter into a salary negotiation but it is important that you do it right so that you can be successful. To achieve this, you need to be able to communicate your achievements, qualifications, and value to your employers so that you can get the best position, salary, and added perks.

How to Ask for a Raise Successfully

Even if many feel that they are underpaid, they usually don’t do anything about it because they are too scared to ask for more. Just because you ask for raise it doesn’t mean that you will end up getting it but if you don’t try, then you definitely won’t get a raise. This is why it is important that you know how to ask for a raise successfully for you to get the salary you are after.

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