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The Myths About Tourism Jobs

Tourism jobs are very much related to public relations because those involved in this field deal with customer-oriented activities. Actually, any job in this industry focuses on others’ interests and demands. However, practicing a tourism-based activity means that you need to concentrate on hospitality and less on traveling opportunities.

Learn How to Find the Right Job for You

Building a career has become real hassle these days and the success of our endeavors has been closely connected to our ability to find the appropriate sphere of interest and action. Therefore, we can say that developing a career depends very much on the job we perform simply because a certain job activity can outline our skills and abilities. Imagine the gap between the description of day-to-day activities of a physician and the real competencies of a lawyer.

Define Your Role

When starting an online business or any kind of business for that matter, entrepreneurs tend to want to do everything. This for people who are all-rounder’s won’t cause any issues until the business has grown too large for them to handle themselves.

Fast Track to Landing a Hotels Sales Manager Job

Hotel sales professionals entertain clients, work in nice environments, and dress well. Hotel sales is one of the best jobs in the hospitality field because it is a receptive sale where people like to here about your hotel’s services, amenities, and special promotions.

Jobs in Criminal Justice Field

Jobs in criminal justice field go beyond just police related work. It is a broad term which encompasses many types of work involved with criminal justice. Going into this field, one can expect an ever growing and exciting future.

Making the Most of Your Career

Some people make the error of thinking that personal development is the responsibility of their line manager. This is completely wrong because the term implies that you have to take personal responsibility for this aspect of career progression. You are the one that takes all the credit when you get the promotion so it only makes sense that you put in the hard work to ensure that you get there safely.

3 Strategies to Finding a Great Physician Assistant Job

Are you a Physician Assistant looking for a new practice opportunity? There are strategies you can use to help you locate the perfect job for you.

Interviewing Today – It Ain’t What It Used To Be

The first leg of the journey was passed…. you have a scheduled interview. What kind of questions should you prepare to be asked? Technical? Will the interview relate directly to the job description? What happens if the interview goes in a completely different direction?

Inappropriate Dress at Work May Send the Wrong Message

A self-proclaimed victim showed up for Casual Friday in flip-flops and leggings, prompting her boss, the so-called Miss Perfect, to send her home to change. I’ve come to realize that since the young woman in flip flops could read the signals – cardigan, linen slacks, sling backs – but didn’t get the point, she’s probably not the right person for the job.

How to Become Unemployed in 7 Easy Steps

If your job is getting in the way of your life, now is the perfect time to get laid off. First, there’s no stigma attached to not working since so many are unemployed. The unemployment rate is almost 10% and the underemployment rate — adding in those who gave up looking for a job and those who took part-time jobs even though they want full-time work — is close to 20%.

Online Advertising Sales Jobs – Mobile Marketing Trends

The next huge wave of growth in online advertising sales jobs will come from mobile marketing and text message advertising. Text message traffic has exploded in the past 4 years.

Medical Assistant Certification

Getting certified as a medical assistant is much more than just getting a piece of paper. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a certified medical assistant will have a much greater chance of finding a job than someone without the certification.

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