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Medium Sized Business

Ever wonder what are pros and cons of the business world and how to make money? Here we explain some things to think about when you are on the path to deciding what business route is right for you.

Becoming a Video Game Tester – What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Game Tester?

Have you ever wondered if you could make a living playing video games? You can land a job as a video game beta tester, but the competition in this field is extreme. You will need to make sure that your skills are sharp in a few areas in order to improve your chances of becoming a video game tester. What do you need to know before you apply? Read on to find out.

Be the Master of Your Career – Not Subservient to It

The secret to maintaining employment even in this tough job market is to be proactive. If you are in an industry that is losing its relevancy, start now to make a change to a new career – perhaps in a new industry.

Tactics to Avoid Being Laid Off During the Recession

With the economy the way it is you might be worried about your current job status. This is understandable because everyone is feeling the credit crunch in many different ways. However, if you want to avoid the impact of job losses you there are several things that are necessary to do.

Boomer Job Search – Confidently Create Your Encore Career

If you’ve been downsized or you just can’t keep doing what you’re doing, does the prospect of looking for a job make you want to run screaming from the room because you think you’re too old to start over? Discover how your beliefs in your abilities will help you land the job that you really desire.

Career Advice For New Graduates

Once you have graduated from college or university, the hard work begins, and for a lot of graduates, this can be a challenging time, especially with a worldwide recession, and lots of competition to contend with. You have finally calmed down from the helter skelter of your graduation and the party afterwards. Your relatives are asking you what you are going to do now that you have graduated and you are still waiting to hear back from a couple of job interviews.

Is Biotechnology a Good Career Option?

There are lot of changes in the thinking of students now a days, not like 10 year before just choose the subject of interest there parents suggest or just follow the route of his brother or sister. Now they think what they need, where they fit, which field is stable. There is golden period for computer and information technology but there is always dark side of it ups and down in this filed, maximum impact of recession, in one word unstable filed.

Social Care As a Career

If you happen to be people-oriented and are keen on helping others you might want to consider a career in social care. There is a wide range of jobs that let you work flexible hours depending on your convenience. Some people choose to take up part time work or volunteer in the local community before deciding on social care as their chosen career path.

The Best Career Advice You Ask? Well, This is No Time to Get Lazy

One of the most popular topics we see in the newspaper, reading magazines or even online today is career vice, employment ideas, and ways to build up your resume to get a decent job. The reason we are seeing so much of this is due to the huge uptick in unemployment. Unemployment has been rising at a rather troubling rate.

Flexible Family Friendly Jobs

Having a family means you need to revolve your job hours around them. There are many family friendly jobs out there, where you can choose your own hours, and still get decent pay. These jobs are found primarily in the health, retail and work at home fields.

Modeling Industry – Is it Recession Proof?

Turn on the television or open up the newspaper and you’ll see or read a story about another company going out of business. This is the worse economic situation America has experienced in awhile. Many full-time models are left wondering how they are going to make ends meet. What do you do?

You Might Ask, Why Career Coaching?

It’s a good question, and the answer is found in the heart of human nature. We have heard it many times, from married couples to world councils – communication is the key. Noted author and lecturer Leo Buscaglia declared, “Communication, the art of talking to each other, saying what we mean, saying it clearly, listening to what the other says and making sure that we’re hearing accurately, is by all indication the skill most essential for creating and maintaining [key] relationships.”

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