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Planning a Career Change? Top Tips to Help You Make the Right Choice

In today’s uncertain climate with job opportunities few and far between a change in career might be considered quite a bold even ill advised move. However when it’s obvious you need to take that step don’t delay. Stagnation in your present position could end up taking it’s toll on your health! Here’s some Career advice that may make the process easier.

Top 5 Essential Strategies For Playing to Win in a Male-Dominated Game

More professional women in the workforce are competing for traditionally male-dominated roles, so it is important to know how to be perceived as a credible, competent, capable pro suitable to a high level position. My Top 5 Essential Strategies are business skills that will empower you to level the field and play the game as a winner to achieve your goals and career aspirations.

Choosing the Right Job For a Better Career – Long Term Strategies That Can Make All the Difference

Crazy as it may seem, going for the job that pays the big bucks straight away may not be the best long term career strategy. Entry level salaries for some jobs may seem low but the advantages need to be identified then weighed carefully.

Potential Savings Through a Telecommute

If you’ve been investigating the potential of a job that will allow you to telecommute you may have guessed there would be some possible savings by doing your work from home. I’d like to take a look at a few of the ways you could save money.

Rebuilding Your Career – How to Embark on a New Career Without Succumbing to the Stress

With the economic events of the past 24 months firmly entrenched in all our minds Career change for most people is one that has probably been forced on us. Here we go into approaches that will boost your confidence and achieve better results.

Manufacturing Apprenticeships

From furniture making to chemical processing to plastics, there are many areas covered by these Apprenticeships. You could be making lenses for cameras, printing chocolate boxes or turning out road signs. There are roles to suit different strengths – if you’re good with details, then you could check over products for flaws; if you’re mechanically-minded, you could be responsible for maintaining the machines used in production.

Job Promotion and How to Stand Out From Your Colleagues

Rather, let there be boundaries and your junior staff to realize that they should not cross it. Though it is difficult, try to balance the two extremes and your subordinates will not only perform, but when…

12 Ways to Build Business Relationships For Job Security Now and in the Future

Work Relationships, like any other kind of relationship require investment but it’s worth it. Your return on the effort you put into cultivating work relationships, in terms of job satisfaction, job security and having a network to rely on for future employment opportunities, can be significant.

Encore Careers – How Much Money is Enough For Your Encore Life?

“How much money is enough?” is a great question to ponder in your journey to an encore career. And, it is even more important if your retirement nest egg has taken a serious hit in the current economic climate. Money is a common concern at this time in every woman’s life. However, don’t let the answer paralyze you into taking no action but rather let it propel you into your new encore life.

Illegal Interview Questions – How to Respond to Illegal Questions

The law prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, origin and religion. One would hope that the vast majority of interviewers know which questions not to ask, but you never know what to expect so it’s always a good idea to be ready for any questions that probe your personal life.

Advantages of Being a Medical Assistant

When it comes to choosing a profession, most of the concern will be either fame, money, or working environment. How many people will actually place the welfare of others as one of the considerations in deciding their career? I suppose, not many.

The Evolution of Game Tester Jobs – An Amazing Growth Story

There is not a single mobile handset company in the world which is not trying to include a new game or gaming features in its products. In the same manner the personal computers and laptops are being built in a gaming-friendly manner.

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