How Much Does Coffee With The Crockers Make On YouTube

Tackling Redundancy and Lay-Offs

What do you do if you’re facing redundancy or lay-offs from your job? This article gives some tips on how to handle it from someone who’s been there more than once and emerged all the better for it.

Motivation To Improve Your Career

A piece encouraging management and employees to work in harmony in order to enhance employee motivation and productivity. An analysis of employee motivation is offered.

Is the Training Services Industry on the Rise?

During the recent economic downturn one of the first industry sectors to suffer was the training services industry. With many organisations making redundancies, staff laid-off and companies looking to make cost savings, many chose to reduce spending on the provision of both in-house and external training.

Why Having A Mentor Is So Important For Your Career

Having a professional mentor can provide career insight in all industry fields. It can allow you to learn from someone who has “already been there.” He or she can open doors, offer advice, and help you through a difficult situation. Here are some tips on making sure you are making the most of your relationships.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go

Getting your name in front of recruiters isn’t easy. Persistence is required. Leverage your experiences, look at non-profit organizations, and beware of phishing schemes if you are considering using recruiters.

The 5 Most Important Considerations When Buying Corporate Workwear

If you are about to invest in some corporate clothing and workwear, then you may need a little help getting started. Here are the five most important things to consider.

Use Action Research To Help Your Career Advancement

For people not embroiled in the world of research, it seems a strange suggestion to use a standard research practice to enhance your career. Nevertheless that is what this article intends to do. Because action research has proven itself “a tool for complex times,” great success can be enjoyed by employing it in the personal arena, after all, our lives are nothing if not complex. In this article, I will introduce the three steps involved in action research, and give examples as to their importance in each of the three main time periods within a career.

Relaxation Techniques for the Weary Nurse

Nurses get extremely exhausted, and that is an understatement. They work grueling 12 hour shifts and sometimes it’s not unusual for a nurse to work even longer than that. Nurses are a group of professionals that need a break, and a way to relax and unwind. There are some ways that a nurse can get some relaxation if the nurse is getting tired and weary.

5 Mistakes to Avoid & 3 Steps to Be a Greater Leader-Communicator

Just look around & listen to communications, advertisements & speeches in the media / events/ seminars, etc. Some observations in non-native speakers, that needs to be worked on. Greater speakers make greater leaders.

How to Handle a Power Struggle With a Peer

Office politics are going to happen you may or may not like it and sometimes you cannot get out of the way. The Power Play or Power Struggle is a very common situation and it happens in many work environments. The most common situation is among peer as full time employees.

Get A Creative Job That Makes Life Fun

There are all sorts of people in the world some fulfilling dream jobs and others just working to live. When you think about your day job do you sigh with satisfaction and think you’re the luckiest person alive? Or do you wonder if there really could be more to what you’ve got to offer. Maybe you’re not very academic and somehow you’ve fallen into a mundane office job or even working in a factory. If you have a flair for pursuing creative hobbies in your spare time maybe you should step out of your comfort zone and aim for a career that’s a little more you.

Communications Is the Key

Communication between models and photographers is the most important single thing to any independent model, if your communication skills are bad, if you cannot improve on then instantly, then forget about being independent modelling. The Internet has created an atmosphere “speed” everything must be done now, today and never tomorrow, therefore if you received, as an independent model an e-mail, whether it’s direct or via your model network you must respond immediately, not tomorrow when you feel like it and not the next day or later after you’ve had your night out but immediately, if not the other girl…

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