How Much Does Cooking With Claudia Make on YouTube

Do I Need a Career Coach?

In such a shaky economic time when the job market is faltering and competition is at its highest, you may be asking yourself, ‘Do I need a career coach?’ A career coach is a person who has been there and done that and then some. They often come from a human resources background and have been around the corporate block a time or two. They can offer you a great insight into what the job market is looking for and more importantly can give you a great insight into yourself.

LPN Travel Nursing Employment in Five Easy Steps

You always wanted to travel the country as a nurse but you don’t think that you can do it because you are only an LPN. WRONG! Many people will say there is not jobs out there for LPN travelers. That is not true. Here are some five easy steps that you can do as an LPN to get started correctly with your travel nurse employment!

Burnt Out? – Consider a Lateral Career Move!

Feeling burnt out at your current job? Bored with your chosen career path? Or maybe you’ve been laid off and can’t find a position that fits your skillset. Whatever your reason, you don’t have to keep plodding along the same path day after day, nor do you necessarily have to head back to school for more or different training! All you need to do is to broaden your horizons and think laterally.

Great Reason to Start Christmas Lighting Business

If you plan to start a new business which gives you a large income, why don’t you consider the Christmas lighting business? It is one of the businesses which are the fastest growing. The growth of business is over 800 percent in the last six years. That’s why you should consider it firstly.

Easy Tips For Cashing in on Holiday Lighting Business

Did you set a plan for this holiday season? Going to travel? Taking a rest at home? Making 50,000 dollars? For me, I will select the last choice.

UK Voice Over Work – Finding British Voiceover Jobs and Agents

What is the best way for British voice over artists to find work? Should they rely on agents, or look further afield?

Interview Yourself For Career

If you are looking at new jobs, thinking of a career change, or simply not happy with what you are doing, now is the time to give yourself the right career advice. Asking questions, getting answers and acting on your answers can place you in the right job and give you long term job security.

Cubicle Etiquette For Offices

Office cubicles can breed contempt rather than teamwork. Being respectful and considerate of co-workers can resolve many of the issues that result in conflict in the office.

How To Make The Best Of A Bad Job

What should you do if you are stuck in a bad job? After all, the economy is bad, and after having assessed your field, you may have determined that it is best to stay where you are for awhile. But what do you do in the meantime?

Redundancy – Opportunity Or Disaster?

In this article we explore the topical issues of redundancy and whether it is an opportunity or disaster. Take time to reflect on your current job and evaluate what you like and dislike. Do you love your work or have you wandered into your career because it is what you feel you should be doing?

3 Reasons You Need Training During This Economy Downturn – Part I

“Don’t mistake the edge of your rut as the horizon” Greg Hammel instructed at the Leadership Summit ’09. If you aren’t pursuing training in your field to better yourself for your company, then you’re stuck in a rut. Your head could be the next one on the chopping block of lay-offs. Training adds value to your credibility as an expert in your field; it reveals a sense of loyalty to your manager that you really do care about the company and it gives you a chance to improve your skills and thus secure your valuable position within your organization.

Recover From a Big Mistake at Work

To err is human, but for those of us lucky enough to hold on to our jobs in this uncertain economy, the thought of making a major mistake at work is unthinkable. Making a mistake at work can be a most unpleasant experience. Depending on the severity of the error and the stakes involved, making an error can result in embarrassment, humiliation and a temporary loss of credibility. The key to recovering from a big mistake at work is in the response to it.

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