How Much Does Crazy Lamp Lady Make On YouTube

If You Don’t Love What You Do, You Won’t Make It

I find that more people not only do not love what they do for a living, they tend to despise it. If you ever want to make it in business and in life, you have to love what you do so much, that you would do it for free if you had to.

Courses One May Encounter In Dental Assistant Training

If an individual is looking to enter the dentistry field as an oral assistant, they might face several of these dental assistant training courses. The work that will be faced in the field is covered by these course areas that certification programs offer. These courses will help in developing the student’s knowledge of dental tasks and office operations.

Freelance Writer Designs Website Content for Clients

Considered working as a freelance writer? This interview will take you through the ups and downs you can expect in the position, what it takes to land the job, what you can expect to earn and more.

Personal Qualities That Will Serve You Well As A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Becoming a certified nursing assistant after completing a CNA training class and passing the certification exam will enable you to enter this very challenging but highly rewarding career. The personal qualities you posses will certainly be one of the factors that determine whether you succeed or not in this in demand profession.

Bring Back Interest in A Career, Time for Overhaul!

It is the management of career, either within or out of the organization. It involves learning new skills and making enhancements in one’s career. It is a lifelong task that is ongoing that involves a continual learning and achieving goals more than what your career can offer.

Hot Computer Careers

As computers become more widely used in this time and age, there is an increasing demand for people who possess computer skills. If you want to pursue a computer career, there are many different fields that you can specialize in, and some of them offer better opportunities than others.

Are Dental Recruitment Agencies No Longer Required?

What’s the difference between dental recruitment agencies and Facebook? Quite a lot, you might say, but there’s more to the question than you might at first think.

Three Proven Strategies for Executive Moms Coach

  For moms out there trying to get back in the career game, nothing can be more difficult than finding the proper motivation to take the first step, except where to take that first step.  Executive moms need an executive moms coach to help them prepare for their new careers.   Having a coach makes the difference with most moms when it comes to that delicate balancing act of raising a family and having a career.

4 Specific Skills Required For All Types Of Social Workers

To become a licensed social worker, qualification is very important. Even for entry level jobs, professionals in this field are required to have a Bachelors degree. Although job specifications can often vary country to country, there is no doubt that everywhere in the world well-educated social workers are demanded.

Complaining About Bad Bosses on Facebook or Twitter, Could I Get Fired for That?

Employers and employees will want to read about what can happen and what to do when employees complain about bad bosses on Facebook, Twitter or any social media site. Is it illegal to share negative comments about your boss on Facebook or Twitter?

What Makes an Effective Headhunter?

There are a few key variables that differentiate a mediocre, a slightly above average from a recruiter who has the ability to positively influence their clients’ businesses over and over again. An understanding of not only sales and marketing, but also the business and corporate culture of the recruiting client: Sales and marketing, compared to intuiting each individual corporate culture, are inherently easy to grasp.

Is Your Resume Preventing You From Getting a New Job?

It seems that when people apply for jobs and don’t receive interview requests, they are quick to blame anyone or anything. I’ve heard job seekers tell me countless times that they applied for over 100 jobs online without receiving one single interview request. They tell me it’s because of the current state of the economy or because the demand for jobs is far greater than the supply.

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