How Much Does Crime Talk Make on YouTube

The Dirty Little Interview Secret No Employer Wants to Talk About

We humans are a very superficial little creatures. A business suit and tie doesn’t take the twisted, irrational human out of us, and much of the choices we make in a corporate environment are governed more by our animalistic side than we ever want to admit. There’s a dirty little secret about interviews, and we’re reckoning you want to know…Cause we like dirty little secrets too.

Do You Need to Go to Bartending School?

The easiest way to answer this question is, NO, you do not have to go to bartending school. Bartending School courses last anywhere from 2-6 weeks or more, and get fairly expensive depending on where you go. Unless the job you are applying for requires you to go to go through such an endeavor, like a hotel or a casino, then you really do not have to go.

Personal Statement Medical School – Choosing a Specialization

In choosing a field of expertise in med school, you should take into consideration your interest. If you have passion in caring for kids, for instance, pediatrics is a great field to pursue. However, if as a med student, you found interest in treating female patients, obstetrics and gynecology are excellent choices.

Top Jobs, Top Career Fields – Hot Trends For the Next Decade

Are you wondering what the hot jobs, fields, industries and trends are for 2010? Read on for information for rewarding careers for 2010 and beyond.

How to Repair Negative Elance Feedback

Being a freelancer, you are sure to come across clients who will not be satisfied with the work you have done and therefore give you a negative feedback. This is unavoidable at times, but it does not mean there is nothing you can do about it.

5 Tips For Knowing When to Walk Away From a Difficult Client

At some point in your freelancing career, you will come across clients that are difficult to please or communicate with no matter what you do. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of “impossible” or difficult clients.

5 Tips For Determining How High to Set Your Price

When submitting your proposal for a freelance project, one important thing to consider is the price the buyer pays in exchange for your services. Bidding too high could cost you the job but bidding too low could result in you charging clients way below what you are worth.

Find a Forum For Career Support

At online forums dedicated to “jobs”, members will have access to advice and support about career development and job hunting. Job seekers from all over the world can connect in real time to share tips, techniques and tools of the trade needed to make finding a new job easier. Plus, the camaraderie found in these discussion boards creates a community that thrives on hope instead of helplessness.

Is There Money in Designing Fashion?

So, what is your relationship with fashion? Do you simply like to try out new styles, or would you rather be the one designing the season’s new line of whatever? When it comes to designing fashion, it’s not just clothes; there is amble room for those looking to present hot looking, new accessories, handbags, etc. Not that it is easy, but the opportunity is truly open.

Is Selling Medical Equipment the Answer to Financial Freedom?

So many sales professionals think selling medical equipment is their answer to financial freedom. There is definitely money in medical sales, you have to trade so much time for it. Learn the answer to financial freedom without giving up your time.

Highest Paying Careers Revealed

This article will list some of the highest paying careers available but perhaps not easily attainable as well as some emerging new economy alternatives. With the way things are changing in this economy many opportunities are shrinking while many new ones are emerging.

How to Be a Motivated Piano Teacher Who Inspires His Students

It has been said that a good learning environment and a group of participative, attentive and enthusiast students of music certainly begin with a highly motivated piano teacher. Your level of motivation greatly affects your students’ levels of interest and enthusiasm. Remember that learning takes two to tango.

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