How Much Does Cruisn Canada Make on YouTube

Searching For a Job in Difficult Times

If you are like so many people in the world today, chances are that you currently do not have a job. There are tons of resources out there to help you find a job; you just have to know where to look.

Self Awareness, the Key to Finding Meaningful Work

The key to having meaningful work and a fulfilling life is to become more self aware. Know what you want – sounds simple doesn’t it? But is it really? Here are 10 questions to ponder to become more self aware.

Reasons on How to Become a Successful Event Planner

An event management career can definitely take you sites provided you are serious of building a career of arranging events and organizing them on large scale basis. In the past decade many companies as well as educational institutions recognize event as management profession. And now the leading universities offer degree programs in the event planning to a number of individuals who are actually consider event planning as career option.

Career Change – How to Quit Your Job Quickly and Painlessly

Quitting your job can be as stressful as getting a divorce. But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to give your boss notice with no hard feelings and without leaving a lot of damage behind you.

Know When to Fold’em

Picking the right moment to leave may be as critical to your career as choosing the right job. Do you know when it is appropriate to pull the plug and when you should be sticking it out?

Depression Therapists Need to Get Listed

Being a depression therapist is not the most popular job out there, which is why depression therapists need to get listed in order for them to get the most number of patients possible. A doctorate degree and a license are fancy things, but they are not enough to give you a chance to practice your field.

A Career Mentor – How They Help Advance a Career

Do you have someone you can go to for help and advice about advancing your own career? Maybe its time to find yourself a career mentor. What is a career mentor you ask? Read on for more.

Why it is Crucial to Make Mistakes For Career Success

Gain career success! Learn why making mistakes can help you!

There’s Always Another Way – 5 Ways to Be Unconventional

There was an interesting piece recently on Good Morning America about flowers, and how using a drop of ordinary bleach in flower water keeps the flowers fresher longer. Who knew? So, I wondered, did the first person who tried this do it by accident or by design? It got me thinking about how there’s always an alternative way to get things done. In other words, if the conventional approach is tired or no longer working, look for an unconventional approach that many times will accomplish even more.

Mental Health Nurses – A Special Needs Field – Are You Up to It?

The field of mental health is very definitely a special needs area, and it takes a nurse with the patience and understanding to deal with it. This may be why the number of nurses in this field appears to be shrinking over the years, and the patients to nurses ratio increasing. The mental health nurses do much of the work in this area tending to patient needs, as physician case load is increasing as well. If you feel that you have the patience and understanding, and want to make a difference, this exciting career may be where you can serve.

Differences Between a Paralegal and Legal Assistant

Most of us think that legal assistants and paralegals are the same but actually there is a difference between the two. Although a Paralegal may also be known as a Legal Assistant, in some geographical areas, there is a difference between the two.

Portfolio Careers – Would You Like a Career With Several Income Streams?

How would you feel if you could create a portfolio career, that is, a career with several income streams? Have you dreamed about starting a home based business to give you a second source of income? It is possible and here is the information you need to start your journey towards financial independence.

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