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Before You Change Your Resume, Change Your Mindset – Start Thinking Like a Corporate Entrepreneur

A corporate entrepreneur? Although it may sound like an oxymoron, it is a good way of describing the type of mindset that today’s corporate professionals need to have when navigating through their careers.

16 Tips For Finding a Job in 2009

Lots of people lost their jobs in 2008, but now we’re into 2009 and many of those same people will be looking for work this month. As an executive search consultant going into my 15th year of recruiting Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Construction, and Real Estate professionals, I’ve learned a few things that might help people seeking employment and recommend the following.

#1 Get Hired Tip – Get Back to Peak Performance Now

Good News, here is what every job hunter should know to snap out a funk. Free info on how you too can go from jobless to happily employed again. But first you’ve got to get back into a peak performance state of mind. None of these career boosting peak performance tips cost much money, most are absolutely free. Best of all these peak performance tips will work for you too.

Where Technical Professionals Can Find Jobs

So you think all the good Information Technology (IT) jobs have been outsourced to India and your only hope of finding work is to move there? Wrong thinking.

The Art of The Brag – 7 Effective Ways to Toot Your Own Horn

You have to communicate your accomplishments in a job interview, on the job, and to get more business, but nobody wants to be a braggart. This article contains advice on the essential points to remember and mistakes to avoid to toot your own horn effectively without annoying or alienating others.

Surviving a Difficult Relationship With Your Boss

As professional headhunters, we are consistently amazed at the ability of front line managers and senior executives to chase away otherwise very productive and high potential “direct reports”. In the list of reasons for job changes, having a difficult boss ranks as the second highest reason given for desiring a new job change.

9 Things You Can Do in the New Year to Keep Your Job

As an employee, we are under constant stress not knowing what is in store for us each day. During tough economic times, like now, everyone wonders if they’ll be the one asked to go. Honestly there is nothing you can do thinking and worrying about it as these things are not in your control. You can only hope that the company you work for makes sensible choices when deciding who will stay and who will go. But there are things you can do, which only you control, to give yourselves a chance to keep your job going into the new year.

How To Make Money – Starting Catering Business

After the research is done, the business and marketing plans are written, it is time to focus on the operating procedures for starting a catering business. All business is simple math. Buy products and mark them up for a profit.

3 Factors of Career Success

What do employers search in possible employees? That was the question that was placed of late on a discussion forum all about careers on the web. Of course, as for each another position, the specific answers to that inquiry would be assorted.

3 Ways You Could Be Geared Up When Facing a Job Loss

Are hearsays going around through your workplace that there’s perhaps a downsizing, a lay-off or merger? Are you scared and don’t know what to do? These 3 points can assist you feel more in control of your financial spot.

What Not to Do in Your Job Search – 40 Tips to Salvage Your Job Search

Your job search is not a spectator sport. Because it is the last thing you really want to do; what is missing? You guessed it. Passion. No passion; no energy; no drive; no whimsy; no interview; no offers! This article is not for you if you are waiting for lightning to strike. This article is for you if you want to score a good paying job that is so good you actually look forward to Monday mornings.

Know the Work of Nurses Before You Become One

“What do you do for a living?” This question gets to the nitty gritty of our jobs. It goes beyond the job title. It goes beyond the salary. It even goes beyond the “job description.” When people ask this question, it gets to the heart of our job.

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